Indo-European Picture

This was in stash for awhile. Long enough to eat the erudite and rallying description I had. Bloody internet can piss up a rope, for all I care. So like a nagging fishwife I'll just do it all over again and hope circuits can fell guilt. Guilt!

Anyway. I've drawn a - wait for it - Indo-European. Is he Celtic, Teutonic, Slavic or otherwise? All and none and neither. There is a point in history where the Europeans all shared a basic skeletal monoculture. This was once called (cue fearmongering) Aryan culture. For convenience it was labelled Indo-European after World Wars I and II messed things up for the budding pan-European movement which was sweeping both the U.S. and Europe.

Basic shared symbols among ancient Europeans were the Hooked Cross or Sun Wheel (Swastika.) The oldest was found in Ukraine. It enjoyed considerable use by the Nordic and Mediterranean peoples, though. There was also the Hammer/Axe symbol which was often a necklace. This symbolised the Nordic/Baltic Gods Thor and Perun. All the European Gods have cross-cognates with this European tribe and the next.

Since the Sun was probably the first officially sanctioned deity in the monotheistic context, every culture had a Solar Deity. The Europeans generally contrasted theirs with the Moon, and the two were often somehow married.

One can see the unfolding and shift from common culture in the way societies evolved. Most Celtic and Teutonic tribes, for instance, probably came from Matriarchal governance and did not adopt Patriarchy naturally, as opposed to more martial tribes such as the Mediterranean. The same goes for language, with basic nouns and verbs often being replayed elsewhere in the Eurosphere with comparable means of transmission and utility.

I've told you all that to tell you this. Many people of European descent are beginning to feel a scratch in their soul which needs itching, and have begun to embrace what is called petty nationalism. This is both good and bad, good in that it can be an excellent vessel to conserve and preserve culture in a real and not theoretical way. I'm trying to be positive, so I'm not going into the bad. Fill in your own blanks. However, for all the potential detriments of petty nationalism, there remains the overarching factor that Europeans have a shared ancestry. Americans too, lest you think you've escaped.

I like to think at one point our ancestors all had the same triumphant stare as they faced the future. Now we're all standing around looking at each-other. The way I see it we can either work ourselves into an organic unity with scaffolding self awareness... this would create a wonderful tool for progression and, with enough self-security, lead to multicultural pacification as well. As I do believe a lot of surface tension is caused by and exacerbated through a general lack of self understanding, mastery and appreciation... or we can play the Bavarian Slap Dance on a grand scale and go home with red cheeks. I choose bright eyes. Right.

Soap-Box over. I'ma go eat some soup, now. Cheers!
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