Not Stars But Eyes Picture

"Lone and shaking in the night,
hands grasping for the air,
he wanders in the hopes of words
of ancient times,
and ancient times:
and yet he would be horrified
to turn and realize -
those distant drops of light -
they are not stars, but eyes."

Just a little illustration inspired by a poem I wrote years ago, which was in turn inspired by a novel I've been working on since high school. Takes place in a pretty weird world, all told; the gods were cast down from the stars for their past sins, where they buried themselves to hide from the burning eyes of their former brethren. Time and again the stars tried to destroy them, first by sending them the sun, then by trying to drown them, then by raining fire out of the sky.

At last, wearied by their constant battles for surivival, the gods created humankind - secure in the knowledge that the gods who were the stars would not destroy the innocent, for they were gods of justice. Then they turned to their long wait, one day to rise and blot out every light that ever was - the eaters of all life and bringers of all silence.

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