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My third photomanip!

Eos, Greek goddess of the Dawn & has the various Eos symbols-- pitcher, wings, dawn, ocean...

"Eos lives by the streams of Ocean at the eastern end of the Earth. According to some, this is on Delos, the Isle of the Rising Sun, where Apollo and Artemis were born. The cocks call Her in the morning, and She awakes and leaps eagerly from the bed of Tithonos, the deathless Trojan prince who is Her husband.

She leaves Her court, glowing with rosy light, and opens the purple Eastern Gates of pearl upon the pathway strewn with roses. Swiftly She rides forth in Her chariot drawn by two horses, Firebright and Daybright, while Night and Sleep] fly in front of Her.

Eos lifts the veil of night and chases away the hosts of stars. So also the souls of the dead depart at daybreak. The first light of Dawn is white, for that is the color of Her wings. Next we see the golden radiance from Her saffron robe and yellow shoes. Finally Her rosy arms and fingers stretch across the heavens. The flowers and plants, drenched by the dew that She pours from her pitchers, lift their faces to Her in gratitude for the new day."

Model: *mjranum-stock [link]
Wing Brushes: ~spiritsighs-stock [link]
Background: GettyImages
PS Actions: =night-fate [link]

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