Baldus Vuegin Picture

Name: Baldus Vuegin {Baal-dewss Vyu-a-ghin}
Age (in sweeps): 11.08 solar sweeps {24 humans years}
Blood Caste: Jade {Emerald - #17714b}
Symbol: Tucana
Trollian: grandiloquentVicinity
Gender: Male
Dream planet: Derse
Lusus (status): Toucan {Deceased}
Quirk: Replaces 'o' with ◇ respectively in accordance to the diamond-shape in his symbol.
Ex. Y◇u enj◇y speaking in mannerisms that clearly elicits y◇ur verb◇sely advanced vernacular.

[Relative to SGRUB]
Mythological role: Heir of Doom
Land: Land of Dusk and Judgement
Consorts: Snail
Denizen: Aidos {Not canon}

[A flash from the past]
Title: The Partisan
Decendant: None
Ancestor: The Beguiled
Dancestor: N/a

Strife Specibi: x2 Scythekind
Fetch Modus: Poetry modus - Baldus must use any form of poetry (Haiku, Didactic, Elegy, Free verse, Limerick, etc..) in order to receive his item. Though, especially cryptic wording may result in receiving the incorrect item.
Power: None, apart from being a daywaker (won't be burnt from the sun. However, he has not reached the status of being a Rainbow Drinker yet).

[The interior]
Personality: To capture Baldus Vuegin's personality, one must divulge it unto three primary factors that will be thoroughly explained yet also expanded upon grotesquely with both positive and negative aspects associated. The triad that composes his personality is that of; vigor, class, and neurotic.

{Vigour - physically able, empathetic, passionate, modest, slightly egotistic}
Like many of his caste, ranking neither dreadfully high, nor detrimentally low upon the classicist oppression scale or an aspect otherwise known as; The Hemospectrum granted with him a lifestyle that carried it's own perks, being of a notoriously rare and important blood that naturally and feasibly offer luxury being of jade-lineage. Being of slightly darker saturation (emerald) within the allocation on the spectrum, this makes his susceptibility to the sun obviously less drastic than one of a burgundy or cobalt. With these benefits, however, brought expectation, a matter the troll absolutely despised more than any black-solicitation he's feebly toyed with over the few sweeps of his existence. Perspective stands that; 'all are worthy for bearing a will, it can only be cashed if your signature is on the check.' Due to his evident preference over freedom as opposed to justification, Baldus, like many lower-bloods follow forth a silent rebellion against Empiric decree, bearing arms that could be served for their own desire as opposed to where presumption enlists the many trolls to a solemn eternity of obedience and lack of vigour.
Even being of middle-ranking blood, he dares not to flaunt the colour that flows through his veins, veins that he can and will dare to spill in battle if it means that one day a hope can bloom for the less-fortunate that rest in his wake. But what can a mere Jade-blood do to convince a nation? Nothing. Even with the matters he is capable of, the desire to help and stoke the forges of broken hearts that lay desecrated in the earth by their feet, he's akin to recognizing the vim that can still be sewn. Both in the sense of being physically able, Baldus harbours a rather fortified mental blockade to those on the exterior, sealing his inner turmoil to save it from making a guest appearance on his outwards appearance (an aspect he still takes care to maintain and seem presentable) and thus forth worrying those around, merely scrutinizing himself as being a bother to others if they were to become involved. Despite seeming harmless and modest, he soaks up compliments like a sponge though always recoils when they're given, denying them vehemently whenever he wishes. But even that being said, he enjoys to show-off in some ways if only to be recognized as being something more than just a simple Jade-blood. He has a spirit that can be a bit difficult to keep in track with, but his passion for the things he enjoys conquers these little flaws.

{Class - polite, honest, sharp, devious, realistic}
Baldus is a patient troll, though occasionally can be considered if a bit inconsiderate when found in a foul mood, prioritizing his own problematic's before another's, even without realizing it. He harbours a deep understanding for the sad, the weak and the broken, sympathizing much like what a moirail would, though never quite breaching the fabric of being 'intimate' as they would call it. When attempting to empathize with another, his reassurances tend to become if a bit long-winded and are perceived as being cryptic to some, though never has the word spoken been exaggeration or stressed. Though wanton with the fervour to help, never will he outright lie to someone even if it's what they expect, so when another calls him out for being enigmatic, Baldus will do his very best to remember another's wish and accommodate himself to what they please and will be straight-forwards with his responses thereafter. Though it may burnish his pride, never will he hold a grudge or anything significantly malicious for something that can be seen as being quaint.
Despite disliking expectations, he feels that one of his 'calibre' undoubtedly must live up to a few generic things that society wishes to see from him, such is why he tends to dress in formal attire for even minuscule gatherings or even spending time speaking to another over the internet via the Trollian chat-client. Suits and vests are his most favoured articles of clothing, though anything bright is unruly in his eyes. He has nothing against vibrancy, he merely would rather it not be on his person. Even with a knack for a few matters fashion-relative, he does know too much about the seamstress industry, only what ties will look good with what. It's as simple as that, but he will be insistent that you disregard any of his etiquette-related quips if one were to slip into the conversation of some friendly bicker. That being said, Baldus is a polite individual, some may even see him as being a gentleman if it were not for the sass he happens to dish out to those that attempt to act superior or lesser to him. He finds such a circumstance to be endearing, if anything, though that is mostly to spite them with his intelligent and sharp barbs. Some can see this as him being devious, but he'd just act all cryptic as normal and avoid any forward answers.
Another thing to note is his formal-tongue in which he speaks. Sourcing from Eastern districts (equivalent to England) deeper into Alternia/Beforus/etc, Baldus harbours a noticeable twist to his terminology and phrasing though does not quite have that notorious accent most clichés happen to elicit. Despite this, he enjoys indulging in whatever 'homeland' activity that happens to be at disposal, but is horribly realistic when it comes down to imagining scenarios that associate with this guilty pleasure, opting to see the more rational and unconventional side of things.

{Neurotic - pessimistic, vacillation, uptight, compulsive}
Though there are associating qualities with his three main traits that are positive, everyone must lack a fatal flaw, and frank neuroticism is one of those things. As aforementioned, Baldus is a realist and prefers a more unconventional, two attributes that tend to have quarrels with one another in his mental-process. Where one side sees that he may not achieve his aspirations due to being a mere Jade-blood (realist), the other strives for a more divergent form of the world, for change (unconventional) and these two things meld into a little thing called; vacillation. He is frequent in his decision making, though the skill behind it isn't quite as promising as one would look for in a leader. Despite how much he humours others and their compliments on his opinions, his modesty conquers any vain feelings, despite metaphorically soaking them all up like a sponge and stroking his ego, or what is small of one. He will become defensive against any of these accusations, but then go on about how horrid he is thereafter, making him a difficult person to speak to when found in a 'mood' as some have come to see them as. Baldus is aware of this, which makes his pessimism all the more fortified than what it all ready is, creating this bubbling mess of zeal and worry of overdoing it. He knows he hates expectation, yet nonetheless seeks to live up to them nonetheless, but only in the ways he find worthy. The Caverns is not where /he/ belongs, despite whatever the Empire has to say.
One could say it's a rebellious side, others discern it for nothing but compelled to 'do the right thing' as he says, and to follow whatever goal he had set in early life or recent. It's a form of ambition, so to speak, but without the entire 'do absolutely anything' portion of the word, so they settle on him being compulsive. The wish to do good, to invoke change, and be the best he can be, even if sometimes he may not even have to prove himself to others, the Vuegin will keep doing it until recognition or really, if you tell him to stop. Which then creates his formality, or in a more harsh phrasing, 'uptight'. He has such a stick lodged up his behind, it can be difficult to get him to have fun in general. His small slips in his 'normal' behaviour result in embarrassment, denial and then eventual seclusion, wanting to be 'the mature troll out of the situation' rather than some whining wriggler that has nothing better to do than complain (which is still exactly what he does, unfortunately). Because he wishes to keep himself in his minds-eye of perfection - despite holding a resent for such a term - he shies from quadrants as a whole, using the excuse that he doesn't require others to make himself feel better. Be that pride or a plain superiority complex, Baldus as trouble when it comes down to romantic affairs. Despite these views, he would not be opposed to attempting something in that field. Unfortunately, he tends to allow himself to be talked into things all too easily when romance is the topic of interest. As a result of these findings, Baldus has all but refused any potential suitors thus far.
In overall, Baldus is a troll with a mixture of traits and qualities that boils down to a poor-view on himself overall. But that doesn't mean that's going to stop him from trying to make someone else happy.

Likes: Tea | bells | science-fantasy | extraterrestrials | astrology | archives | classic rock | psychology | sour foods | a play on words (puns) | organization | grub loops
Dislikes: Expectations | tattoo's | death-growling | spicy foods | being photographed | the Hemospectrum | being laughed at | insects | arachnids
Hobbies: Reading | writing (poetry) | playing the piano | star-gazing | journal-keeping | belly-dancing | cloud-watching
Habits: Nail-biting | biting the interior of his cheeks | scratching his arms
Hemoloyalty: Somewhat indifferent, though is secretly against it.

<>: Open, ask to RP
<3: Open, ask to RP
<3<: Pending
c3<: N/a

[Additional information]
Bio: To be determined.
- Baldus is derived from the Latin word; ribaldus which translates to: rogue which may or may not associate with his blatant dislike of having other expecting him to do specific things (ie. brooding caverns)
- The feathers that are attached to his lower-back are based off the feathers of a Keel-billed toucan.
- His suit is similar to how a Toco Toucans overall appearance is like. White around the neck, and black on the way down to the tail-feathers, similar somewhat to the average business suit.
- He had large grub-legs when he was younger, making it so that as he lost them once pupating, Baldus had very abnormally shaped scars that span from his ribs to his solar-plexus. This has made him self-conscious and refusing to take his shirt off.
- In his younger, more athletic years (before becoming this uptight, formal lampshade) he received a rather grievous injury to his patella which is located just in front of the knee-joint where the femur and tibia meet. Since then, running for a long time at a fast pace can result in only causing the injury to become serious again. This is a vital spot that hurts after a run, though not enough to cripple him (ie, hitting it will knock him on his butt, just saying).

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Role on Ship: Psychologist
Status: Revived

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