Mad-Dog's New NEW Reference Sheet! --READ DESC.-- Picture

Mad-Dog is a character inspired by my own self, and she is my main OC/the one who represents me.

Meaning of lost eye: There are only a few things we as humans can see clearly. We can tell how someone is feeling by reading their facial expressions, watching their movements, hearing their voice. But what we don't see or hear, is what is going on in their head.


Meaning of name: In the 5th grade, I was given the nickname "Mad-Dog" by one of my favorite teachers. I was given this title because I really loved dogs, wolves, really any canid, and was always the opposite of "mad" (I was more kind and tolerant back then).

Sex: Female (She/Her)

Age: 15+

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (can develop romantic feelings for anyone, male or female, depending on how they are connected emotionally. It takes more bonding to be comfortable with acts revolved around intimacy. She prefers knowing someone closely as a friend before those new boundaries can be opened up.)
Prefers stronger female types.

Species/Race: Shapeshifter(capable of shifting into animals, limited selections of mythological/prehistoric beings), therianthropy.

PERSONALITY: Mad-Dog, or Madison/Maddie, is a troubled soul. She is plagued by different mental and physical issues, such as depression, anxiety, OCD, terrible eyesight, frequent dizzy spells, and slight dementia which comes in forms of sun-downing and other outbursts. When she speaks, she tends to stutter.
- She is kind and caring, desperate to help those in need.
- She is quite cautious and paranoid, overthinking things a lot and not willing to take many risks unless it is for her loved ones.
- She can get quite sad or angry frequently.
- When she isn't troubled by her thoughts, she is very bubbly and welcoming. She likes to take walks and hang out with those she trusts.
- Her bubbly attitude can sometimes make her say things she doesn't mean to, and she tends to think of herself as a parrot, whom spouts random words.
- She is very stubborn when it comes to making decisions. If she believes she's right, she'll stick with it and it takes a lot to persuade her otherwise.

Gifted (or plagued, whichever you prefer) by the ability to transform into different creatures comes with its own unique perks and different forms she can take on. Her most common forms are that of a wolf/canine, weasels like Pine Martens and otters, predatory birds, big cats like cheetahs, and a dragon.

Her updated dragon form can be seen here:…

Most of her forms have an appearance with these characteristics:
- Golden-Tan furred, scaled, or feathered coloring. If the being she transforms into is that of a darker color, such as a raven, her color is dulled down to an almost black.
- On the right side of her face, there are horrible burn scars. Among those burn scars is her eye socket. Ears or horns on that side are either broken or completely burnt away.
-On the left side of her face is a cut over her remaining brown/crimson eye.
- All forms are quite small compared to the average size of the species.

In her human form, she has mid-length blond hair that tends to be messy and unkempt. Her skin is very pale and smooth, minus the burn marks across the right side of her face. On the right side, her ear is charred and almost completely missing. She keeps it covered by her hair. On the left side, she still has the cut across her brown/crimson colored eye.
She has a height of about 5'4. Her body isn't too large or too slim, yet well rounded and curved, however still small. She has small, still-developing breasts which are somewhat perky. She is not flat-stomached.

NEW HAIR STYLE (Parted down the middle)…

Common Clothing Styles:
- Prefers black and white clothing.
- Beginning outfit was a tattered light blue hoodie with cuts and tears all along it. With this she wears baggy jeans and heavy-set boots.
- Shoulder-less tops.
- Baggy hoodies and baggy sweat-pants.
- Large boots, typically black or brown.


When a strange object is found along our path, it may bring luck or misfortune.
A few years younger, the girl found a strange book bound by leather, skin, and wire. With this book came horrifying knowledge and never-ending beasts that kept crawling out of the dark and into her life. The darkness changed the way she acted, the way she spoke. She became violent and secluded. Finally, the darkness forced her family to seek help from God. However, this was just what the darkness wanted: desperation. A cleansing was attempted, but it only made things worse. The darkness was only strengthened, and after all the turmoil of trying to get the girl to stay put, trying to fix her... she came out anew.
On a trip to one of her oh-so frequent doctor visits, the car went off the road. As the vehicle tumbled, the parts of the machine were damaged and flames soon engulfed the girl and her mother. Glass from the window was forcefully shoved into one of her eyes, and the flames scorched her head as it dangled towards the floor. With blood blocking most of her vision, she watched her mother, who looked so peaceful in the driver's seat, knocked out and free of the pain her daughter felt. Time passed and passed, and the girl waited for when the vehicle would explode. She didn't want her mother to be harmed, she never had wanted her to be harmed. But as time went on, the car never exploded. It never blew apart their skin and singed into their milky white bones.
Instead, the girl crept out of the debris and set along a path, something calling to her. Something bigger than the life she had lived before.
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