Harmonia Academy :: Roy Noir Picture

Roy Noir

⇉ Age ⇇ 16

⇉ Level ⇇ 28

⇉ Grade ⇇ Second Year

⇉ Gender ⇇ Male

⇉ Hometown ⇇ Cyllage City

⇉ Height ⇇ 5' 6"

⇉ Weight ⇇ 136 lbs

⇉ Species ⇇ Umbreon (197)

⇉ Nature ⇇ Quirky

⇉ Characteristic ⇇ Somewhat Vain

⇉ Ability ⇇ Synchronize

+ Loyal + Optimistic + Warm o Witty o Outspoken - Vain - Pretentious - Selfish
From a distance, Roy doesn't come off as someone you'd want to be around. He tends to think of himself before others, and he has an attitude that most have a hard time getting past. He's got a retort on hand for any situation, and he's not afraid to put someone in their place. He's better than you, and he wants you to know it. However, that's not the only facet of him. As a friend, he's quite loyal. He's the guy you can trust with a secret. He's always looking on the bright side of a situation, and that goes for if it's just a friend of his that's feeling down. He also won't say anything behind your back that he wouldn't say to your face. He's not a self-serving opportunist all the time, as he is willing to help others even if there's nothing in it for him. Inwardly, he'll expect a favor in return, but he won't say that outright. Overall, even if he can be a little brash, he still has your back.

Abridged Background
Roy grew up in Cyllage City. He was an only child, and as such, received attention from his parents all the time. They spoiled him rotten, almost literally. Because of his general pretentious attitude, he had a hard time making friends. Not that he cared. After all, who needs friends when you've got a room full of the newest and greatest toys? As a way of trying to teach Roy to be more polite to his peers, they enrolled him into ballet classes. Being one of the only boys in a ballet class, he didn't exactly hit it off that well with the others. If anything, listening to all the girls in there gossiping and ruining their personal relationships, he was turned off of the idea of friends altogether. After all, what would be the point of making friends if they were just going to hate him in private with all his other friends? Thus, he tried to distance himself from people and gained more of an attitude.
At some point, Roy's father got an offer for a job in Snowbelle City, so the family moved there. Roy's mother encouraged him to make friends since he had a new class, but Roy wasn't convinced. When he got to his first ballet class, he practiced by himself. He figured he was better than every one else there, and for the most part he was. There was one mon better, though. She was another Eevee named Melanie. When everyone fawned over her dancing, Roy would just ignore them. Eventually, though, Melanie approached him. She asked him to watch her dance. He had a hard time saying no, since he found her to be so cute and pretty. He watched her dance, and he was practically brought to tears by her performance. After that, he insisted that the two of them be partners, and she accepted. The two of them bonded rather quickly, and Melanie even introduced him to her friends.
Roy and Melanie became super close. The best of friends. On the third year anniversary of their first meeting, they had a performance. After the performance, Roy met Melanie outside. The sun was starting to set. He gave her a pendant and told her that he never thought he could love another living being as much as he did her. He put the pendant around her neck, and she evolved into an Espeon. After a few long moments of the two of them more or less freaking out about the evolution, they finally calmed down. He was about to walk back to his family when Melanie lunged forward and kissed him. Aaand then he evolved into an Umbreon. That day would be something neither of them would ever forget. They dated for about a year, and as it stands, Melanie was the only girl Roy ever felt any attraction to. Unfortunately, their time came to an end. Roy's father had to move for work again. When Roy told Melanie, they cried together. The night before Roy left, they shared one final night together. They didn't think to get each others' numbers to keep contact, so when Roy left, they never got the chance to speak again.
Moving to a new town, Roy of course had to transfer schools. His parents decided on Harmonia Academy, hoping that he could make friends to fill the void that Melanie's absence created. He figured it wasn't a bad idea, considering the chance he took on Melanie had turned out so well.

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