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Κόρη του Έρις

Thanks to Bichette1 at JudgementPavillion, I revamped this little godling. I am a lot more confident in her now, and I feel like everything fits a lot more smoothly

Name: Sybil Doum

Meaning: Sybil- [Sigh-bill] Greek origin, Prophetess. Doum [Doh-um] self-given, when she was little, there was a sign her father found hanging by where she slept, with the words “Always look up, never look down” and every night she would look at it, and with her dyslexia she could never read the words right. She would read the words “Look Doum”, she never knew what it meant, but she liked it.
Nicknames: Syb, imp, tiny creature.

Gender: Female
Ethnicity: American Greek
Sexuality: Bisexual

Age: 16
Birthday: December 12
Zodiac: Sagittarius

- 4'5”, many times mistaken for a little child. (By 18 she grows to a solid 5')
Weight: 92 pounds
Blood Type: O positive

Birthplace: Bangor, Maine
Current Residence: Camp Half Blood

Hair Color: Blond, dyed red tips, kept in a messy ponytail, ends of her hair are damaged.
Eyes Color:
Blue green with small gold flecks, which are almost unnoticeable. The gold flecks randomly catch the light, giving her eyes an unsettling gleam; I guess she can thank her mother for that.
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: She has two piercings in each ear and a cartilage on her left ear.
Physical Description: Petite
, often times mistaken for being younger, often times called “kid” or “child” with a slight muscular build, some scars due to sparing and battle. She has a light dust of freckles on her face, shoulders and arms from being exposed to the Camp Half-Blood sun all those years.

Mother: Eris. She gets along as well as she can with her mom, but her mom intimidates her, sometimes even scares her, which is understandable, her mom is the goddess of discord and chaos. Sybil loves her, and her mom tries to show her affection towards her as well, to the best of her abilities, but she is distant with Sybil, not compassionate, but she really does try. When Sybil left the protection of her father, Eris gave Sybil her golden apple, telling her it would protect her, but at a price.

Father: She remembers small things about him, from being picked up to look at something in a window, running her hands through a bushy beard, or him braiding her hair. She can remember the feelings that she got when she looked at him, but for the life of her, she could never remember his face. She remembered going to Greek festivals and listening to the music, using the little savings they had to buy food, she remember all the different places they lived, from alleys, to parks, even some abandoned buildings. The times she remembers were never sad or bad, just sometimes cold, but she remembers laughing at horrible dad jokes and playing with random trinkets he would make for her. She was very young when she last saw him, he left her at the steps of a hospital one autumn night when she was four, telling her to wait right there. She waited, she waited all day, but he never came back. One of the nurses brought her in, asking her all these questions that Sybil could not answer, like where they lived or where she was born. She was put under social care and sent to a foster home.

Step-parent: Her foster parents were kind to her, not too harsh. But they were scared of her, scared for her, they did not like the stories she would tell about the talks with the woman in the black toga, the drawings she made of her playing with mythological creatures, they did not think it was normal for a girl her age. They were worried for her, but when they take her to the child psychologist, Sybil knew they no longer looking at her with love, but with concern and a little fear. At the hospital, Sybil meets Lydia Puwayakon, one of the volunteer care workers. Lydia understands Sybil and cares for her, and listens. Lydia makes Sybil smile.

Siblings: Lysandra ( BittersweetMoment )
Friends: Lysandra, Septimus Puwayakon, Damian Nesse, Camila Torres ( Bichette1 ), Sinon Amiri, Fenris and Storm Vindheim ( hamlinfly ), Holiday Jenkins ( Judens-Joyride ), Carly McCloud ( lunilai ), Lea Reclin (FlameFireheart ), Michael Yew, Percy Jackson, Anabeth Chase, Hazel Levesque, Piper McLean, Connor and Travis Stroll, Castor and Pollux. She likes to consider most people her friends, but most people feel uneasy around her, but she prefers not to worry too much about it, treating as many people as possible as friends.

Enemies: Drew Tanaka and pretentions kids of the Aphrodite cabin, she gets in a lot of spiffs with Clarisse. Most of the campers are weary of her; she tends to make most people she meets uncomfortable.

- She meets Michael Yew her second year at camp. She was trying her luck with a bow and arrow, and almost shoots him in the head. She would see him around camp and always try to talk to him, he didn’t seem scared or put off by her, just angry. But he was angry at everyone. After a while he ended up taking a liking to her, after teaching her how to shoot properly, but she ended up picking up a sword and taking more of a liking to it, which frustrated him to no end. He would try to flirt with her, but Sybil didn't register so she would always respond bluntly or immaturely. But eventually she started to get a little crush, which was new to her. She told him how she felt at the battle on the bridge, and he told her that he felt the same, but the bridge collapsed. Sybil and him fell, she was found on the shore, clutching one of Michael’s arrows. She and Percy looked everywhere for him, finding only his shoe, her child like personality almost vanishing. She was quiet for a very long time, which scared everyone because she was never quiet. After the battle of Manhattan, she was hardly seen at dinner, but you could usually find her sparing half-heartedly with Septimus and Damian, sitting at the archery range, or throwing the Apple into the Aphrodite cabin. A year passed and she started to slowly feel a little more energetic, joining back in to the capture the flag games. Eventually she meets Leo, and she doesn’t know how she feels about him, but he makes her laugh and he is as hyperactive as she is.

Personality: Sybil tries to be friendly, and is very outgoing, often speaking whatever is on her mind without filter. She tries to treat people how she wants to be treated, which can be hard when most campers don’t want to spend too much time around her, Sybil’s been told it’s because of the aura she has, that makes people feel scared, angry or confused and because of who her mother is. Generally she tries to not let it bother her; there is a constant smile on her face. She is very absent minded, easily forgetting things and is easily distracted. Often times she is childish and immature, unwilling to realize the seriousness of the situation. She can be rash and will act without thinking, getting her into unwanted trouble.

Disorders: ADHD and Dyslexia, by 18 she becomes schizophrenic because of the overuse of the Apple of Discord.

Habits: Sybil likes getting lost in the woods, walking on the beach, poking dead things with a stick, and playing absentmindedly with the Apple.

Fears: to be invisible to those she is close to and worms. She is extremely scared that when the power of the Apple takes over her, she will hurt the people she cares about.

Favorite Camp Activity: Capture the flag, it’s a way for her to channel some energy and practice sparing.

Least Favorite Camp Activity: helping the Demeter cabin, gardening takes too much patience and concentration, which she has none of. She will eat the strawberries instead of harvesting them.


-The Apple of discord: a gift from her mother. Mostly used for a short boost of strength, but once mastered she can control up to 15 people, making them feel insane. Since it is an object designed for the use of gods, mortals have a hard time harnessing its power, demigods included. Each time Sybil uses the Apple, a bit of her sanity disappears, so she must be careful of when she chooses to use it.

-Her bracelet turns into an arm to shoulder gauntlet.

-She has a black ring, which turns into her Kopis sword. She decided it didn’t need a name, it was just a sword.


- She has a lesser form of charmspeak, it takes a lot of will power and she needs to concentrate really hard, any slight distraction will stop the progress.

-During battle, if she uses the power of the Apple, black, godly adrenaline rushes through her veins, causing her to go into a trance, an out of body experience, she sees herself fighting and attacking blindly, without mercy, she cannot control when she will stop.

Weaknesses: Constantly needs reality checks; controlling the Apple takes a lot of her energy and stamina to use.

Fatal Flaw: Her sanity will eventually disappear. Every time she uses the apple, since it was something created for gods, it is too strong for even a demigod to handle without consequences, it chips away at her sanity, until nothing is left.


Sybil’s earliest memories are of walking down the streets of Bangor with her father. They would spend a lot of times in parks, often times that is where they would sleep. She didn’t mind not having a home; she liked the constant travel, always living in a new place, although she did spend a lot of time hungry. They would scavenge behind grocery stores after they closed and would check the dumpsters behind fast-food restaurants, Sybil was never a picky eater. These were never bad times; every night before bed he would tell her a story about gods and goddesses, monsters and heros.

One morning when she was four, instead of taking her to the park like he normally would, she made her sit at the steps of a building with lots of windows and floors. He told her to wait, that he would be right back, so she did. She waited all morning, until her stomach started growling, then she started to get restless, but her father told her to wait, so she did. She tightened her shoe laces, played with her hat and gloves, even picked at the hem of her jacket, until the sun set behind the buildings, but her father did not come back. A lady came out from the building and brought in a very confused and sad Sybil, letting her know that it will all be ok, but it was not ok, her father was gone. The building her father left her at was a hospital. The hospital cleaned her up, fed her, and set it up with the local Social worker, for Sybil to find a new home. Sybil did not like this, she was sure her father would come back. She ran a way constantly from the workers, but never got far, they would always find her back at the park where she spent the most time.

She finally was placed in a foster family, and the parents were nice people, fair and kind. But Sybil did not like living there, there were too many rules, and every time she would talk about the faeries in the garden, or the half men half goat beasts at the park, it would make her foster parents worried. When she was old enough to go to school, she was placed in the Special Education program, because of her Dyslexia and ADHD. She would get bullied for her height and of her nonsense of mythological creatures, she would fight back, which would lead to her getting in trouble, often times getting sent to the principal’s office. She was at the elementary school for a year before her foster parents pulled her out. Sybil did not mind that, home was alright, some nights she would get visits from a woman dressed in a black flowing toga, and she would stay up hours talking to her about nonsensical things, sometimes the lady would even let her play with her golden apple, telling her to keep it, it would keep her safe. One night her foster dad woke up and heard her talking, but when he went to go check on her she was alone, talking to the foot of her bed. The more she talked to her parents about what she saw, and her night time chats with the woman, the more worried they got. They sent her to a therapist, who referred them to a child phycologist.

At the age of five and a half she was put in the care of Bangor Health Institutes child psychiatric ward. They gave her pills that made her brain fuzzy and slow, she did not like that at all. She did like the apples they would give her during meals and all the paper so she could draw what she saw, instead of talking about it. One of the volunteers, Lydia Puwayakon, took a liking to the little ball of energy. Sybil felt comfortable around her, Lydia did not look uncomfortable or scared around her, and she listened to Sybil eagerly about the monsters and the heros, and that really made Sybil smile. She started making progress with the nurses and the doctors, enough for them to see that she was stable enough to return to her foster family. But Sybil did not want to leave Lydia, Lydia was the first thing to make her happy in a while. Lydia did not want to see Sybil go either, and talked to the foster parents, who agreed to let Lydia adopt her. After mountains of paperwork’s and days spent in legal offices, on Sybil’s seventh birthday, she became part of the Puwayakon family, moving to Machias.

Sybil meets her son Septimus for the first time, who was three years older, and towered over her, so he became her new climbing thing. She immediately liked him and his cowlicked hair, and he liked her spitfire personality, and she had enough energy and spunk for the both of them, over the years they became closer, and protective of one another. They become really good friends with the young boy next door, Damian, who meets her and gets annoyed by her constant blabber. After many play dates and times spent together, the three of them became inseparable.

When Sybil was eleven, Sep thirteen, and Damian twelve, Lidia and Ryan, Damian’s dad, went on a day trip to Belfast, leaving the kids with a neighbor. None of the kids liked her; she was old, and her nose was always twitching and smelling. Sybil swore she had fangs, but the boys called her crazy, people don’t have fangs. On the way to Belfast, Lydia and Ryan were hit by a drunken truck driver. Ryan was killed instantly, Lydia survived and was rushed to the hospital, but on her way there she fell into a coma. When the hospital called the house, the nanny picked up the phone and put a hand to her mouth. She told them the news, and they all started crying, but the nanny was smiling, a cold smile, with pointed teeth. She loomed over the kids, hair sprouting all over her body. Sybil screamed as she swiped at Damian face with extended claws. Septimus ran into her with all of his strength, he matched her in height, and was able to distract her enough so Sybil could pull Damian away from her. The nanny bit down on Sybil’s arms, enough that you could hear the bones crack. Damian pulled out a little Swiss army knife he always kept in his pocket and stabbed it as hard as he could in the nanny-beasts leg. The nanny howled in pain, and the three took that as their cue to escape, and the nanny chased them down the streets, through parks, they ran as far as they could, for as long as they could. They didn’t know where they were going; they were just letting their feet take them. After a full night of running they could no longer hear or feel the nanny chasing them. But they were far away from home, and seriously hurt. But they did not want to go to a hospital; they were scared, so they kept running, south, until they eventually made their way to Camp Half-Blood. Two campers found them at the entrance of camp, bloody, rugged and tired, taking them to Chiron.

That takes place at the end of The Lightning Thief.

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