Tsuneo reference Picture

meet: uppergod.
SO, if you have ever read trhough my Open the Gates journal (baltobud8.deviantart.com/journ… <this old piece of shit) you know that there is a religion in Open the Gates named Guardian Mythology. It simply follows the belief that Creator Alex created the world and 2 gods, Asra and Seiko. One for yin, hell/gehenna, one for yang, heaven. After creating those, he created Tsuneo, who was to keep balance of the inbetween; the world humans live. Because Creator Alex, Tsuneo and Seiko realized animals and human alone would never be able to protects the world and it's elements like the gods, he created four creatures; the Orb guardians. One for each base element. Using these he created a Guardian for every aspect in this world. Asra was mad that his world didnt get any protection, and started to rebel against the three other gods, he was banished to forever stay in hell/gehenna. He was also cursed to be the one who carries the base element Decay, the element of Gehenna itself. Thus Asra started to create demons. Using them he could fight the Gods in the overworld.

That is Tsuneo''s story. For a long time I didn't have a name for him, and just named him C.A.P. (Creator Alex' Pet ) but I finally found a fitting foreign name. (since the names of all the three animal gods are foreign)

Name: Tsuneo
Nicknames: God of Balance
Age: 2000+
Birthday: ???
Zodiac Sign: ???
Race: God in the form of a Kitsune
Gender: Male
Primary form: Regular
Most used form: Regular
Weapon of choice: ???
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Favorite food: ???
Eye color: Silver and Yellow
Hair color: N/A
Distinct features: 9 tails, long fur on cheeks, Yin/Yang orb, little moon and sun hanging from his ears.
Mother: N/A
Father: Alex (kinda)
Sisters: N/A
Brothers: Asra and Seiko (kinda)
Other family: Segya/Farah (child)
Pets: None
Friends: Alex, Seiko (kinda)
Clothing of choice: N/A
Day or Night person: Never sleeps
Personality: Strict, friendly,
Disorders: None
Phobias: None
Necklaces: None
Bracelets: None
Scars: None
Elements: Mix of All
Allergies/Weaknesses: None
Family issues: His little bro Asra is the devil. He kindoff hates him.
Hellfire: None
Beserk Buttons: None
Continue Reading: Sun