Shadow Paranormal Commandos Picture

Meet the Korean black ops and spooky unit, Shadow Paranormal Commandos.

Well, it's been awhile that I've made two paranormal troopers several years ago and now I've added third one to this list.

Time to talk about the artwork. A very long time, I've created four-men squad for the CIA T.A.S.K Force but I lost it as now but I remembered it a long time ago. Now today, I made a team of 16 men but in two teams of 8. I've calculated myself. But the toughest part was the Korean mythology which it's almost identical with the Chinese and Japanese mythical creatures. However, some of them are popular ones like Dokkaebi and Kumiho.
But the easy part is themed with the Korean Reunification because they are equally the same but it has nothing to do with politics which, as always, North and South Korea are still technically at war.

Three Paranormal Troopers are done, two more to go. In the meantime, enjoy my artwork.
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