Hello Old Friend Picture

First off, I wanna thank 2 people:

You all remember my character Sha, yes? Well I guess it's high time I told you people on whom he is based: Set. Yep, the ancient egyptian god of the night sky, Set (or Setu). Set's sacred animal was, orignally, an animal called a Sha, an animal that most assume is based on the egyptian ass. It had reddish fur (red being the sacred colour of Set), long rectangular ears, and a tail that resembled the fletchings of an arrow.

Wanted to draw this pic for two reasons: try out the shading tips *
lanhao taught me and to draw something that was less a pose and more a capture of a moment. I draw too many characters in pinup poses.. I really wanted to try out something new. The picture is entitled "Hello Old Friend" because of the role Set played in ancient times, before the cult of Osiris turned him into the murderous brother of their god. Set, as the god of the night sky, was, along with Horus (Heru, god of the day sky), responsible for protecting the sun-god Ra on his daily traverse through the skies. Set was a powerful, terrible god, but not evil, a deity whose strength could smite down foes. So, the "Old Friend" Sha is waving to is the sun, the sacred boat he used to guard agains the forces of evil.

BTW, all my info on egyptian mythology comes from I can recollect from my readings of E. A. Wallis Budge's "Gods of the Egyptians". I do not profess 100& accuracy on what I said, and bear in mind that Egyptian faith is not a well-classified number of stories like is Greek or Nordic.
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