Fins and Flowers Picture

Here we go. Two shots because we are still healing. If anybody is wondering, the shine on the tattoo (and the reason for taking two pictures) is a mixture of moisturiser and antiseptic. It helps to speed up the healing of the tattoo while keeping the skin hydrated. TRUST ME when I say, leaving the tattoo to heal on its own turns out pretty damn nasty. I will of course update this photo at a later stage when its completely healed.

This tattoo took 1 hour 30 mins, it cost £75. There are 6 colours (if you count more, the colours are blended
On the wings of the butterflies, you will notice the pattern is a stylised "Mum" yes. I love my mum, and rather than have "MUM" blasted across me, I incorporated her into the wings, as she loves Butterflies. The fish represent my Pa.

Symbolism of the tattoo, aside from the afore mentioned Parental Homage. The flowers symbolise growth and the soul. The butterflies are representative of metamorphosis, and the soul again. The Koi, although being Japanese, and I have a fondness for the Mythology, are actually shown in the Pisces form. This layout is symbolic of a person who at times withdraws into the shadows and away from people, but then at others revvells in the lime light and can live for nothing else. An 'either or' person. Extremist.
The kicker is, I'm Taurean. Which is great. But the over all symbolism of the tattoo is definate and important to me. I wont ink unless there is deeper meaning than, "I like it". Just the way I am.

Ok, blather over. Sorry to chew your ears for so long!
The Koi Tattoo is © SDJohnson.

(Please note, Similar Tattoos are on the internet, I've found to my own dismay. >< )
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