Trolldom Picture

Just trying to practice a bit more with males and composition. How I long for a comic or toon featuring mythical Nordic creatures. Trolldom means wizardry or magic. Something along those lines.

What's the story behind the picture?

Young Trym is finding himself in quiet a sticky situation. He's been cursed by Frøja, the love goddess, after accidentally humiliating his fiance by rejecting her in front their family. If any light were to shine upon him, being it from the sun or from a fire, he turns into a jotne. Completely shunned by all his friends and loved ones, he decides to take on a journey to free himself from the spell. As time goes on, he falls in love with a girl named Ida, whom Loke has interest in. That's the blond in the pic. It's really a huge drama that I'm not working on. XP

Photoshop Elements and SAI was used.
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