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In Aztec mythology, Xolotl ([ˈʃolot͡ɬ]) was the god with associations to both lightning and death. He was associated with the sunset and would guard theSun as it traveled through the underworld every night. Dogs were associated with Xolotl. This deity and a dog were believed to lead the soul on its journey to the underworld.[1] He was commonly depicted as a monstrous dog. Xolotl was the god of fire and lightning.[2] He was also god of twins, monsters, misfortune, sickness and deformities. Xolotl is the canine brother and twin of Quetzalcoatl,[3] the pair being sons of the virgin Coatlicue. He is the dark personification ofVenus, the evening star, and was associated with heavenly fire.

He is the sinister god of monstrosities who wears the spirally-twisted wind jewel and the ear ornaments of Quetzalcoatl.[6] His job was to protect the sun from the dangers of the underworld. As a double of Quetzalcoatl, he carries hisconch-like ehecailacacozcatl or wind jewel. Xolotl accompanied Quetzalcoatl toMictlan, the land of the death, or the underworld, to retrieve the bones from those who inhabited the previous world (Nahui Atl) to create new life for the present world, Nahui Ollin, the sun of movement. In a sense, this re-creation of life is reacted every night when Xolotl guides the sun through the underworld. In the tonalpohualli, Xolotl rules over day Ollin (movement) and over trecena 1-Cozcacuauhtli (vulture).[7]His empty eye sockets are explained by the legend which says that in Teotihuacanthe gods had decided to sacrifice themselves for the newly created sun. Xolotl withdrew from this sacrifice and wept so much his eyes came out of their sockets.[8] According to the creation recounted in theFlorentine Codex , after the Fifth Sun was initially created, it did not move.Ehecatl (“God” of Wind) consequently began slaying all other “gods” to induce the newly created Sun into movement. Xolotl, however, was unwilling to die in order to give movement to the new Sun. Xolotl transformed himself into a youngmaize plant with two stalks (xolotl), a doubled maguey plant (mexolotl), and an amphibious animal (axolotl). Xolotl is thus a master transformer. In the end, Ehecatl nevertheless succeeded in finding and killing Xolotl.[9]In art, Xolotl was typically depicted as a dog-headed man, a skeleton, or a deformed monster with reversed feet. An incense burner in the form of a skeletal canine depicts Xolotl.[10] As a psychopomp, Xolotl would guide the dead on their journey toMictlan, the afterlife in myths. His two spirit animal forms are the Xoloitzcuintlidog and the water salamander species known as the Axolotl.

Xolotl was the patron of the Mesoamerican ballgame.

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Xolotl was a major discovery for me, because, see, I had this problem with Morianten's story... he was stuck in a severely abusive situation as a child and probably sustained greater injuries than he should've been able to survive and he also probably should have a lot more physical issues (like a major growth stunt or permanent bald patches on his wings?) and my solution to this illogical lack of severe physical problems after such awful abuse was to give him... three guardian fey dogs??? really, I made them and I had no clue what they were even there for. It seemed a bit too deus ex machina and nonsensical, and I really prefer my stories to make better sense.
But then I happened to be glancing through a book I found at this old lady's house (Missionaries often end up being housed in the basements of church members) and it was about aztec myth, so I was interested of course. But I found a line mentioning that Quetzalcoatl had a DOG TWIN. And I had already decided ages ago to make Quetzalcoatl the ruler of a hidden tribe of mesoamerican bird people.
Que intense story revelation as I realized that in order to get back at his brother for something, Xolotl protected this stray half-quetzalin child by sending him three dog fey guardians and using his backfiring healing powers to keep the kid from dying until he was found and taken to a safe home. (my version of xolotl can heal near-fatal wounds/illness, but at the cost of receiving those things himself)
so that's how the entire main plot point of this new story suddenly jumped up and slapped me in the face haha

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