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It has been a long time that I haven't join in a group. This group is quite interesting so I would like to join. Just you guys know, my history can be super rusty, so forgive my grammar and such. One more thing...NO! He's is NOT Matsuda. He looks similar, but I assure you he's not. The difference that this guy has is that he has rashes on his skin if you take off his bandages. I did what i can to make my character to look more different than Matsuda, but it was tough. I am sorry guys.


Name: Jinsei Matsuya

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Birthday: January 21st

Species: Mienshao

Ability: Inner Focus

Aura Sphere
Quick Guard
Wide Guard

Job: Fortune Teller

:Mental Information:

Jinsei is an intelligent pokemon in one specific subject, Tactics. He knows every plots, battle formation, military tactic and consequences of his plans. When he was young, Jinsei had studied about the Art of War. He has learnt every tactic that was known to man-kind, because of that, he could predict most movement his opponent make. However, his prediction can be a little false if they know how to outsmart him.

Jinsei is a loyal to his friends. He will do whatever it takes to support them no matter what the cause. He wants to make sure his friends are happy in life. However, to be his friend, you have to get to know him first. Otherwise he would think that you're taking an advantage of his loyalty.

When he is doing his job. He will try his best to get the job done, and make sure he won't fail. Even if people are joking with Jinsei. He sometimes take their jokes a little serious.

-Really Dramatic:
You guys think that Jinsei is a calm and quiet mienshao? Well you guys are so wrong, he's infact the opposite. Jinsei is really dramatic, this mienshao really has a habit of speaking in an overly theartical fashion even to the little things he finds.

This is quite unusual...Jinsei is acutally quite a pervert, he has a bit of a dirty mind. The mienshao actually like the female parts and thinks they should give more respect. However, he's won't go overboard, Jinsei knows how to control it and he will make sure that it won't go out of hand.


-Japanese Music
-Loyal people
-Cloudy days
-Night Time

-People taking an advantage on him
-People abusing girls
-Sunny Days
-People that thinks Hope is just an illusion

Losing his love ones forever

: Physical Information :

Notable Feature:
-Pale skin
-Slim body

-Talisman Cards
-Sun Tan lotion

Voice: Odin from Fire Emblem Fates (www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqwS7w…)
Eye Colour: Red
Scent: Cherry Blossom

Jinsei's childhood is shrouded in mystery, even for Jinsei. When he was a toddler, he had no idea who was his father or mother. The only thing he could remember was, his father was a kind and supportive person that brought hope to his allies. Despite the fact he never met his father before, but Jinsei wants to be like his father and do whatever it takes to support his friends. So he studied hard and trained to make sure he can be useful to the people. The Mienfoo had been reading the Art of War to understand more about battle and formulating a plan, for such a young pokemon, Jinsei was able to understand on how Pokemon battle works, it was nothing to him. However when it comes to battling outside under a hot sunny day, for some reason, Jinsei becomes extremely frail and starts to have rashes all over his body. He cannot stop but feeling the burn in his body to the point that he needed to see the doctor. The doctor start putting bandages all over his body to ease his pain, the doctor wondered why Jinsei got rashes over his body. He began to realise that the mienfoo has photosensitivity. An extreme sensitivity to ultraviolet rays from the sun. That's where the doctor told Jinsei that there's no cure for his sensitive skin, he was told that he has to stay under the shade to prevent his skin being expose to the sun.

For years, having to continue to cover himself in bandages, Jinsei still continued to study about battle planning, formation and military tactics. In time he became a Mienshao. As a Mienshao, some people respects him for his intelligence in a Pokemon battle, but some don't respect him because of how weak he is. You could say his life is pretty average. However, the frail Jinsei feels like something is missing. Like he wants to help out something else than just battle. Jinsei wants his strategic ability to help the people through their peaceful times. So he decided to travel around to find a town that is peaceful for him.

Through weeks of finding a peaceful home, Jinsei has no luck until this happen. A group of people has been talking about this place called Faelva. So he asked them for direction to the place. With the group of people guiding him to Faelva, his new life is about to begin.

:Extra Information:

Relation Tracker- TBA
Currency Tracker- sta.sh/02bz1d2zll5l

-Fun Facts:
-Jinsei has really sensitive skin, called Photosensitivity, an extreme sensitivity to ultraviolet rays from the sun. If he stays under the sun for some time, he will have rashes and sunburns which will develop some blisters on his skin. Which could make his body is extremely frail, he could faint easily. Therefore, he brings an umbrella outside to cover himself from the sun.
-Little did Jinsei know, but he's is the son of Oliver Matsuya (larikane.deviantart.com/art/PK…)
-If Jinsei is married with a girl, he will have a son named Matsuda, which his history will be edited in the future (Amity-Jirachi High Matsuda App)
-Not only Jinsei read the Art of War. He also reads Mythologies, like Chinese, Japanese. Even Greek Mythology.
-In battle, Jinsei can combine the moves swift and aura sphere into aura swift, where all the star shaped rays become a powerful aura.
-Jinsei has a habit of posing himself that's from Jojo Bizarre Adventure. One example (www.fightersgeneration.com/nx4…)
-Jinsei is also known for saying "OH!NO!" in a dramatic way. Especially with "OH!MY!GOD!" and many more

:Roleplay Information:

-Time Zone: UTC+8

- Notes (Yes)
- Comments (No)
- Skype (Yes)
- Chats (No)
- Other (Depends)

- G / PG . (Yes)

- PG-13. (Yes)

- Mature (Yes, but I would like to know you more)

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