Boy Bazaar Oriah and Suitors Picture

Name(s): Ceri, Erastus, Reese
Race: Human

Bio: The three boys who surround themselves with Oriah. Ceri is a simple farm boy who thinks her sweet charm and smile are equal to the a gods blessing. He might not have much money, but one look at his barely covered, sun tanned and muscular body is more than enough to make up for lack of funds. Erastus is a nobleman’s son who wants a unique prize to hold his arm at banquets. He is essentially bored with the endless parade of opulence and arrogance and hopes bringing a gorgon girlfriend around will help liven things up. Reese is secretly gay and pretending to have a crush on Oriah because he’s secretly in love with Ceri. The two friends had a moment, several years back, after sneaking into the wine cellars and getting good and sloshed. They kissed and collapsed in a drunken stupor. Ceri hasn’t mentioned it since, but Reese spends hours a day thinking on the touch of his lips and feel of his skin. Unfortunately for the poor boy Ceri is the one Oriah would truly like to get to know better. She doesn’t know Reese has a crush on him but revels in all the attention. Erastus is actually friends with both men, though he gauges them more as competition than anything else. He has no clue of what happened between Ceri and Reese. Oriah is his only goal.

It seems Oriah has decided to go shopping around, but not for linens. She quickly gets the attention of her three main ‘suitors’ and takes a break in the shade from the hot noon day sun to flirt. Her attention is firmly fixed on Ceri, who has noticed that Reese is noticing him. The only one really noticing the girl is Erastus, and not for the right reasons at all. v_v
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