The League of Lost Heros Meme 1.0 Picture

This meme is inspired by WOLFBLADE111 versions of The Legion Of Heroes Meme. It still a prototype for now and i'm open to suggestions how to improve it and making it better.

Joint Leader: The leaders of the team.

The Founder: The one who helped formed the team

Head of Security: The one who insure the safety of the team in the headquarters.

Liaison: The one that serves as an ambassador and represented for the team.

Financier: The one that supports the team financially.

Strategist: The one that plans the attack, defense and plans for the team.

Brains: A highly intelligent individual that work as the team adviser or as a third leader of the team.

Lead Scientist: The lead specialist in science.

Lead Engineer: Top specialist in engineering.

Head Doctor: The one in charge of healing the team.

The Professor(May Change): A specialist in their field.

Monitor: The overseer and look out of the team.

Morale Booster: The one that raises the morale of the team.

Vehicle Expert: A expert in many types of vehicles including cars, tanks, plains, ships, space-ships and other control like vehicles.

Pilot: A expert in just controlling plains, air ships and space-ships.

Driver: A expert in just controlling cars, motorcycles, and land based vehicles.

Assault: The first one to attack.

Navigator(May Change): The one that knows where they’re going.

Master of Magic: A top expert in the field of magic.

Master Fighter: A top expert in the field of martial arts.

Weapon Master: A top expert in the field of wielding weapons.

Stealth Expert: A expert sneaking around, recon, combat and hiding in the shadows.

Spec-Ops: Military experts in handling “special” or unconventional missions.

Spy(May Change): The one expert in hiding with in the enemy ranks and collecting information on enemy’s or people of interest.

Demolitionist: An expert in destroying stuff, places or things with weapons like a machine gun .

Hacker: Skilled in secretly getting access to a computer system in order to get information, cause damage or taking over a system.

Tinker: Knows how to take apart a device and seeing out it works.

Other/Oc(May or not Change): A free slot on the team.

Jack of All Trades: Knows how to do about a bit of everything.

Pet/Mascot: Is the teams companion and/or represent the team’s identity.

Speedster: The fastest one on the team.

Killer: The one that is experience in taking another’s life.

I don’t know how to explain these next four ones but I’ll give examples instead.

Awesome One: (Deadpool)

Badass One: (Toph Bei Fong)

Awesome Badass: (Squirrel Girl)

Epic Badass: (Chuck Norris)

Asshole: The one that everyone thinks is irritating.

Teacher: The one giving people lessons and helping others on the team to learn about certain things for their education.

Funny One: The one good at getting other to laugh and is sometime the heart of the team.

Cosmic Wielder: The one that holds immense power.

Powerful Weapon: An item with immense power.

Headquarters: Place of operations or house for the team.

Team Logo: The teams symbol.

Vehicles: The vehicles they have available.

Time Traveler: One that has the means to travel back or forward on time.

Redeemer: The one that wish to prove to others that they worthy of redemption for their past actions.

Special One: There’s something unique or one of kind about them.

Explorer: One that goes to unfamiliar areas despite the danger.

Strong Willed One: One who’s will be not easily broken and possesses a strong amount of determination.

The Kid: The young one of the team.

New Guy/Gal: Joins the team later in the story and will always know as the New Guy.

Cook: Knows how to make delicious food.

Gambler: The one that knows about the odds, knows when to take an opportunity when they see one and knows how to handle the money.

Dimension Hopper: The one that travels dimensions.

Beast: One that is animal like or is an animal.

Robot/Mecha: A machine that is capable movement, actions and functions.

Alien: The one out of this world.

Mutant: A metahuman that gains their powers through a mutation.

Undead One: Technically dead but still alive.

Ghost: An person who is or is able to an apparition.

Angel: One that possesses white wings and/or has divine powers.

Demon: One that has demonic powers.

Devil: One that is related to angels but have demonic powers.

God: A male divine being.

Goddess(May Change): A female divine being.

Demigod: A half-divine being.

Immortal: One that can never die.

Royalty: Belonging to a royal bloodline.

Hero from Another World: Someone who is not from your average world.

Space Hero: A hero from the another planet, universe or outside of the world.

Anti-Hero: A Hero that doesn’t fallow the same rules as other heroes.

Ex-Villain: Once a villain but now a is no longer.

Vigilante: A hero who doesn’t work well with the law enforcement.

Investigator: Works in investigating and discovering the truth.

Cameramen: A person who takes pictures and recorded events or incidents.

Smasher: One that is able to break a lot of stuff with just their strength.

Telepath: One that can read minds.

Illusionist: One that can manipulate vision of others.

Speed Fighter: One that is able to fight in high speed combat.

Inhuman: A metahuman born with their powers.

Brawler: One that prefers to fight with their fists.

Parkour Expert: One that is an expert in climbing, jumping and landing.

Wastelander: One that mostly lives in desolate territories.

Outsider: A person who doesn’t belong to any particular group be it race, social and faction.

One with The Monster Within: A person that possesses a monster like entity affecting them in some way or form.

Lab Experiment: Created in a lab.

Fighter: One the likes to fight.

Rocker: The one that can bring the roof down both literal and figuratively

Punk: Has a no respect attitude.

Gentlemen(May Change): One that possesses a polite attitude.

Beauty: Someone that is breathtaking.

Lone Wolf: Basically the one who prefers to be by themselves.

Wildcard: The one that could change the tide of the battle.

Rule Breaker: The one with the power to break the rules or cheat their.

Dumbass(May Change): Not a very smart one but with great amount of stubbornness to them.

Damsel in Distress: The one that always needs to be save.

Scary One: The one that can scare other’s easily.

Creepy One(May Change): The one that can make other’s feel weird out.

Crazy One: The one that is a loose cannon.

Unstable One: The one that is not always in control of their power and/or personality.

Caring One: The one that cares of the safety of the team.

Cute One: The one that makes others say “aww”.

Sexy One: The one that makes others say: “dam”.

Hot One: The one that makes others pass out from a nose bleed.

Serious One: The one that take everything seriously.

Savage One(May Change): The one that has a wild aptitude.

Buffed One: The one looks strong, act strong and/or is strong.

Angary One: The one that others see has an anger problem.

Fiery One(May Change): Has a fire like attitude.

Lazy One: The one that prefers not to do much.

Android: A robot that is made to look human like and to possess human traits and knows what it means to be human.

Cyborg: A human that is give robotics to replace what they lost.

Clone: Created from the DNA of another.

Werewolf: A person that can turn into a wolf like animal.

Vampire: A person that is undead but feeds on blood to maintain their semi immortality.

Werecreature(May Change): A person that can turn into any animal like transformation.

Amazonian: A strong warrior woman.

Dinosaur: An reptile that looks like it from the prehistoric era.

Fairy: A small human that has powers and has wings.

Dragon: A being that possess dragon like traits or is one.

Celestial: A being from the night sky who has powers like the sun, stars, moon and/or anything in astronomy.

Olympian: A god from Greek mythology.

Asgardian: A god from Norse mythology.

Mythical One: A god from Eastern mythology.

Monk: A wise man that knows how to fighter.

Rogue: One that fight dirty.

Hunter: One that hunts.

Warrior: One that fighter with Melee weapons.

Mage: One that use magic.

Priest(May Change): One that can use divine powers base on the light, dark or worship.

Shaman(May Change): One that can use the powers of the spirits and/or elements.

Druid(May Change): One that can use the powers of nature, celestial and/or animals.

Swordsman: A warrior that prefers using swords.

Spear Wielder: A warrior that prefers using spears.

Knight: A warrior that served under their sovereign or lord.

Samurai: A warrior from japan.

Gladiator: A warrior that fights in ancient Rome.

Dual Wielder: A warrior that fight with two or more of the same weapon.

Hammer Wielder: A warrior that prefers using a hammer.

Mace Wielder(May Change): A warrior that prefers using a mace.

Warlock: A magic user that prefers using dark magic.

Necromancer: A magic user that prefers using magic to raise the dead.

Enchanter(May Change): A magic user that prefers using magic to enchant items and strengthening the team.

Caster(May Change): A magic user that prefers using magic casting powerful spells.

Sorceress: A female magic user.

Bard(May Move): A musical magic user.

Alchemist: A magic user that use both magic and science to transmuting things into existence.

The Summoner: A magic user that prefers using magic to summon guardians, demons, or animal to protected them.

Marksman: A range weapon specialist.

Archer: A bow user.

Gunslinger: A guns user.

Sniper: One that fires from long distance.

Bounty Hunter: One that hunts for-profit to being the hunt dead or alive.

Slayer: Someone that slay certain things like vampires, zombies, dragon or other supernatural or mythical being.

Survivalist(May Change): One that know how to survive in any dangerous areas.

Tamer: One that know how to tame creatures like animals, dragons, or any other supernatural creatures.

Assassin: One that is a silent killer using stealth, poisons, and blades like knifes and swords.

Ninja: One that is skilled in ninjutsu.

Kunoichi: A female Ninja.

Cowboy/Girl: A western type of gun user.

Outlaw: A person who is wanted by the law but is still a good guy.

Pirate: A person that is the wanted crime of the sea.

Thief: One that steals from others.

Smuggler: Someone who brings in goods that are not usually common or allowed.

Warrior King(May Change): a warrior to became a king.

Spartan: A warrior with a sword/spear and shield combat style.

Mercenary: A person who is a warrior or soldier for hir.

Royal Knight: A knight that is honored by a king or queen.

Berserker: A warrior or fighter who fight as if he is unstoppable but allows their instinct for combat to rule over them.

Avenger: A person who fights to avenge for what they lost.

Rider: A fighter or warrior who use rides like horse or other mounts in their combat.

Warrior Queen(May Change): a female warrior who became a Queen.

War Hero: A person who is noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who had risked or sacrificed their life during a war or conflict.

Strict One: The one that demand that the rules concerning behavior are obeyed and observed.

Chaos Bringer: The one that can cause chaos.

Peace Bringer: The one that can help make peace.

Supportive One: The most helpful of the team.

Lawkeeper: The one that works in law enforcement.

Field Medic: The one that goes with team and act as the healer.

Soldier: A person who serves in an army.

Guard (may change it): One that watch over in order to protect or control.

Scout: The one that does recon.

Armored One: The one clad in Armor.

Bomber: One that know how to blow stuff up

2nd Stealth Expert: Another Stealth and acts as partner to the other one.

2nd Scientist: Another Scientist and acts as partner to the other one.

2nd Engineer: Another Engineer and acts as partner to the other one.

2nd Doctor: Another Doctor and acts as partner to the other one.

Secondary Assault: The second to attack.

Cannon Fodder: Front line meat shields, can be anything like a soldiers (Clones from Starwars), robots and thing like the minion (Despicable Me).

Muscle: The one strongest of the team.

Powerhouse: The one most powerful of the team

Tank: One of the unstoppable of the tea

Last Resort: If everything fails then this one called to help.

Absolute Last Resort: If the last resort fails then the last hope of the team is this person.

Honorary Members: If you want to add more people for your team then these 18 slots will give you the room.

Residents: If you want to add more people but you just want them to live or reside in where the headquarters is, they can represented by the towns, cites, buildings or villages they live in.

I created this by useing the image editing program GIMP to make this Meme.
Update 1: Did some spell correcting and changed reporter to cameraman because reporter had some similarities to investigator but don't know about if changing the role is a good idea. All add the qualification for each role needed for a character to apply for said role tomorrow.
Update 2: Thanks to db1993 for helping me take note six misspellings that are now corrected.
Update 3: it's a minor one, just add Gal with New Guy.
Final Update: i planing on make a 2.0 version of it as to fix some alignments with the names of the slots, seeing if can add another row if its needed, change some name of the slots, adding more space for the Headquarters and Vehicles, and anything else that needs improvement. all post it up on Monday, if you have Suggestions of how to improve it let me know.
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