Araquiel Character Card Picture


"Being who I am rarely gives me time to make actual friends. Even then, I can't help but feel that my power is the only thing keeping them in my company."

General Information:

Name: Araquiel
Pronunciation: Are-Ah-Key-El
Nicknames: Virtue, Butterfly, Beloved, Ms. Perfect
Age: 150
Birth Date: September 3
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Storyline Status: Main Character
Danger Level: 2
Zodiac: Virgo
Occupation: Arch Angel


Species: Squishie
Blood Type: AB-
Ethnicity: ?
Height: 09"
Weight: 4 lbs
Eye Color: Pink
Distinguishing Markings: Halos, Butterfly Wings, Large Ears


Traits: Patient | Social | Proud | Innocent | Oblivious | Selfish

(+) Patient - "Its quite alright, I would prefer you take your time to create my piece rather then feel stressed or rushed." Considering her role as an arch angel, Araquiel has to deal with a lot of Squishies a majority of her day. She has learned to be patient and listen to them as well as try to solve their issues as efficiently as possible for her. This Squishie hardly overreacts to anger or outcry.

(+) Social - "Hello dear, there is no reason to feel intimidated by me. I am here to assist your village and would love to talk with you." Being in such a high position of power almost always requires you to be social with those under you and Araquiel is happy to talk with them. She loves socializing with the common Squishies and tries to be as personal with them as a friend would.

(O) Proud - "I have been gifted with immense power that most Squishies can only dream of having, I do not plan to misuse it." So much praise goes a long way, and that praise really influenced how Araquiel feels about herself. She is completely aware of how powerful she is and sees herself as such. You will never hear any sort of self conscious feelings emanate from her.

(O) Innocent
- "Hm? I don't exactly understand why you are offended? I don't believe that I have done anything wrong." This should almost go without saying, but Araquiel is very much innocent and not always in the traditional sense. When it comes to saying or doing something that she shouldn't have, Araquiel never realizes that she has done wrong.

(-) Oblivious - "Why are you so upset Luciel? The other Squishies do love you, they just haven't seen you for who you are." While this may not seem like a bad thing to say, it really does show how oblivious Araquiel can be when it comes to others feelings. Its terrible that the only way that Araquiel can actually see how others are feeling is by using her powers.

(-) Selfish - "Why are you making this so difficult?! I just want what is best for the both of us, even if you don't like it!" To explain, Araquiel has a bit of an odd idea when it comes to comfort. She doesn't realize it, but this Squishie believes that the world revolves around her happiness. Araquiel believes that others will become happy if she is made happy and or praised.

Likes: Order | Pastels | Fairy Tails | Classical Music | Plain Squishies | Authority
Dislikes: Chaos | Wintertime | Being Questioned | Dragons | Boredom | Fighting
Hobbies: Dancing | Socializing | Reading | Ribbon Collecting | Halo Creating

Series Information:

Magic Type: Empathy
Energy Element: Psion
Wing Affiliation: Innocence
Skill Level: High
Luck: Supreme
Human Partner: None

Short Bio:

Hatching into a power very few are given the chance to wield, the circumstances of Araquiel's birth are some of the rarest to ever experience. What really sets her apart is that Araquiel was not born as herself, rather an entirely different being known as Atrugiel. As arch angels pass on, new ones must be made but not of any natural means. The magical abilities of over one thousand Squishies must be combined in order to create one arch angel and that is exactly the method used to birth Atrugiel. At her hatching, the other arch angels knew that she was the most powerful of them birthed in over five centuries. The Principalities knew this as well, seeing as she contained supreme luck, supreme magical skill, and the element of psion. These leaders feared the birth of this new and insanely powerful Squishie and had to think fast in order to keep the power within their hands. Not even one year after her birth was Atrugiel sentenced to be divided into two seperate beings. The arch angels complied with this order and took the young Atrugiel to the celestial tower's observatory on the day of an eclipse. Power from both the sun and the moon was used in the procedure and once the sun left the moon's shadow, Atrugiel was split into the arch angel sisters Luciel and Araquiel. Araquiel was the older of the two sisters, inheriting supreme luck as well as the element of psion. She was not perfect though as her wing affiliation was not of pure light but rather innocence. Knowing not of their previous life, the sisters grew up together while training to be arch angels. The elder of the sisters was a quick study and quite the social little one as she loved interacting with both the other arch angels and her sister. Luciel and Araquiel shared a very strong bond with one another, never usually being seen apart. Araquiel was definitely the more social of the two as Luciel was a little more reserved, but that didn't stop Araqiel from dragging her on all sorts of adventures. While she never went to magic school, Araquiel was a prodigy and her empathy magic made her popular in the public eye. She was much more of an accelerated learner then her dear sister, but she always tried to help Luciel whenever she could. The other arch angels didn't appreciate Araquiel holding herself back for the sake of her sister and advanced her in training as quickly as possible. Once training was done, needless to say Araquiel was both powerful and a favorite among many. She was given many responsibilities, but the most notable was public relations as her empathy magic was very useful there. Showing she was more then capable of being the leader that every Squishie wanted, Araquiel was moved up to the higher circles of arch angels and has been a household name ever since.
As of now, Araquiel is one of the most well known arch angels in the Squishie world. Most everyone looks up to her, believing that no other being is as beloved and virtuous as she. Araquiel adores the attention, but at the back of her mind she feels guilty for it.


Luciel - Twin Sister


Peliel - Friend

Turiel - Friend

Sariel - Friend

Rikbiel - Friend

Olliel - Friend

Vretiel - Friend

Uzziel - Friend

Diniel - Friend

Milo - Friend



Stats: 1-15 (Max 30)

Speed: 3
Attack: 7
Defense: 3
Evasion: 7
Intelligence: 7
Teamwork: 3


There is almost no parallel to Araquiel's luck, her magical abilities will always work and they will always be as effective as possible.
With her Psion magic Araquiel is able to teleport and predict her opponents movements, making her very elusive to attacks.
- Always being one to absorb information quickly, this arch angel will learn quickly from the other creatures strategies.


- Being one of the most powerful Squishies out there effects her ability to work with others as Araquiel always feels the need to take charge.
- Taking into consideration her huge ears and halos, Araquiel is far from the quickest Squishie out there and can be out sped with little difficulty.
- She relies too heavily on her luck and magic to get her out of situations so Araquiel is about as hardy as talc when it comes to defense.

Notable Abilities:

- She is able to use the hopes and dreams of others and condense them to form and control objects.


- Magic

- As far as she knows, Araquiel doesn't have any actual parents as she and her sister were born from the combined magic of one thousand Squishies.
- She honestly isn't aware that most Squishies prefer her over her sister Luciel, Araquiel just thinks that she is talked about more because she is more social.
- This little Squishie rarely visits the human world so she is very inexperienced with most of said worlds customs and whatnot, giving her more of a tourist mindset.
- Araquiel has no memories of when her and Luciel were the being Atrugiel, all that she remembers is just waking up within the celestial tower's observatory.
- It is actually very difficult for Araquiel to act casually as she is more used to acting formal with everyone, even with those she calls her friends.

Creator's Notes:

Again, this should be no surprise but I absolutely adore cute things. Araquiel was definitely cute and she definitely caught my eye when I saw her adopt sheet. Truth be told though, I was a little conflicted as I enjoyed the Mythological design as well. In the end, Araquiel just seemed to pull through and that was that. I bought and adopted Araquiel along with nine other Squishies so my love for these little angel animals really should need no further explanation. Since some things about the species are currently still in development, Araquiel and the rest of the Squishies character cards will be updated to fit the canon. I bought this little cutie from the lovely kuku88 so go check them and their art.

Araquiel (c) ShadowRewinds
Squishies (c) kuku88
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