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Chashoih means "Tea Beast", that is what aborigines call this woodland spirit. According to their legends, he lives alone in a clean and bright forest where plexus of trees forms his small hut. Next to the hut thermal pool springs out of the ground. Usually nights are warm, full of fireflies, moonlight and soft, subtle wind. Here you can always listen to the purl of a brooks and a palpitation of the leaves. Occasionally songbird flies and weaves sad beautiful melody into the air flows.

Chashoih is a squat creature with bark instead of skin and faded protuberant eyes. Tea leaves grow discordantly on his head and back. His face is calm and doesn't express any emotion. This spirit never fusses and doesn't make any unnecessary movement. In one hand he carefully keeps little clay teapot, glossing from the incessant ceremonies, and from time to time the other one carries an armful of fragrant plants, which he dries hanging them in his hut or steeps and makes tasty balmy syrups. It is impossible to drink the same beverage twice from his teapot, even if the spirit hasn't changed tea leaves inside it: taste is divided into new shades all the time.

Since childhood, the natives wander through the woods in the hope of finding Chashoih and getting a few leaves from his head. But he shows himself only to those who really need him and don't try to find him at their own instance. Then Chashoih spreads paths and tracks at their feet and people come to his house without any understanding of how they were caught in there. After all they come back home being calm and enlightened.

One of the most famous legends of Chashoih is. Once upon a time a good, kind man lived there, who had lost his "just now" feeling. In the morning he lamented what he did or did not do yesterday. All day long until late at night he was consumed by various problems and duties. And before falling asleep he thought of what he needs to do tomorrow or choked himself with dreams about unrealized past. Daily work took a lot of human's energy. He didn't notice that lost his rag in increasing frequency, answered any question with irritation, met every new day of his life with spite instead of a smile. One day this human went to the forest looking for firewood and immersed in memories so deeply that it took many hours before he came to his senses. Looking around, he realized he had never been here before and had no idea where he was. Unfamiliar plants grew all around there. He had found a spring but its water was hot, dense steam flowed above it. Unusual bitter flavor floated in the air. Low rasping voice sounded behind human's back. Turning around, human saw a strange creature with an unknown clay vessel on the right palm. This being promised to bring wandered traveler home if he let creature entertain human with cup of tea. They settled near the hot spring. Creature conjured on clay vessel for a long time: bathed it in the water, picked delicate green leaves from head and threw them inside the vessel, filled it with water, poured and then filled with boiling water again. Watching these actions, human felt long forgotten unhurried happiness. He was not in a hurry, did not run anywhere, did not regret about unrealized things in his past and did not worried about the future. He was Here and Just Now. The drink was served to him in heated bowl. It was unique, with each new breath human opened new notes of flavor, first hidden from him. Bowl pleasantly warmed his palms and tea washed his thoughts and feelings, refreshing and sharpening them. When the ceremony was over, human realized that there was a dawn. They sat all night long drinking the tea, without uttering a single word, but he lived every moment and there was no more familiar oppressive heaviness inside his heart and soul. Human faced first rays of the sun with pure and sincere smile.

Many times he asked the creature revealing to him the secrets of this miracle drink, he wanted to bring this knowledge to the people who are lost in time just like he used to be. Finally creature agreed but it sweared human to do the next: he had to help each misguided soul to find
itself and its "just now", and also look for those who is worthy of this knowledge and who will carry it into the world. After the training creature brought another clay teapot out of the hut and gave it to the human. That is how first Tea Master has appeared.

Modern people, completely become estranged from the wonders and refuse to believe in it, Chashoih comes in the form of human Tea Master. Those who have ever been to tea ceremony, organised by him, will always remember it and will wake up every time with a happy smile on their face.

P.S. Just in case I remind you: it is just a piece of my imagination, which have no connection to the real mythology and legends about the origin of tea traditions in the world
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