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. "Huitzilopochtli! Humming bird of the south! God of War, Fire and the Sun! May you bless our earth with you're mighty rays again! We offer you the blood of our opposer's! To show the power that you have invoked in us! AND TO ALLOW THE WORLDS TOO CARRY ONWARDS_ FOR THE SUN TO RISE AGAIN! "
The bird headed woman drove it's head down into the wolf headed man, who was tied too a stone table. Cries came from his mouth, but the people down below simply cheered as the bird headed creature held up the still beating heart of the wolf headed creature, held it up too the dieing sun, blood dripping from her beak. Two great wings arose from her back, rising up with her hands, and as she did so the cheers grew louder, deafening, even.
The body of the wolf headed creature would not be disposed of, no. It would be consumed soon by the people down below, along with all the other sacrifices. The great stone pyramid on which the great bird headed creature stood was built and rebuilt many times before, a sheer icon of the power of her people, of this empire. Behind her, the king sat and watched, a bemused smile adorned upon his jaguar face, and he nods at the bird heading being, who simply nods back, before thrusting her head back, consuming the heart in a single swoop of her neck.
Her dark eyes role back too the people far below her, sunlight dancing off of her magnificent feathers that arose from her skull.
This year was a good year for her people, and they had too keep the gods appeased. For, this year, it had been predicted that Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent god, would return from the east and reclaim his power. Already, a sign had passed by, a flaming bird in the sky had shot across the heavens, and it could only be a sign of his coming...

;D Here's little Zuja, the murderous Anthro-Peacock thing xD
Though, she couldn't be a peacock since she's a she but still.
She doesn't really look like a Peacock anywayz.
She's the Faerie Lenny I'm applying for, and the stuff in italics in my introduction. The app can be found here, - > [link] But it's not done xD
All the god's mentioned there are from Aztec mythology. Coloured - Paint Shop Pro

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