Midnight Fight (loincloth version) Picture

Ra, the solar god, enlists the aid of Set, the desert god, in his nightly struggle to protect his charge (the Sun) as it journeys through the Netherrealm. Together they must ward off the personification of chaos and arch-nemesis to the King of the Gods, the coiled serpent known as Apep.

While Ra was easily one of the oldest gods, the myth of Apep only started popping up during the New Kingdom. This is likely because he was an imported Hyksos deity, evidenced by the Hyksos pharoahs named in his honor. While Apep is depicted in some tomb paintings as a cobra, my depiction of him is more inspired by Horned Vipers, since they have those wicked looking horn protrusions over their eyes (plus Set is the desert god, so I'm guessing he would have experience with similar serpents).

Original version available here.
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