Kha the Lioness Picture

Here's Kha, a female anthropomorphic character. She was inspired by the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, thus the lioness features.

You can see the line work of her that I submitted here: [link]

This piece was a blast from start to finish. I enjoyed the entire process of initial concepts, line art, color, and the background (check out the solar eclipse that's starting!).
Initially I planned a playful pose and expression with the idea of her holding a ball of yarn in hand, but then I learned that Sekhmet usually is associated with a disk (and obviously an ankh). So I changed the ball of yarn into a precious stone, gave her an ankh necklace that she's showing off, and put an eclipse in the background.

I haven't really done anthro art very much so let me know what you think. Do you like it? Should I do more?


Wacom Bamboo
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