Croven the Shadow Picture

Shadows. We all have them. Croven is all of Jack's secrets and fears and dark things manifest into a crow spirit. Crows represent messengers, and guardian/guides that lead the spirits of the dead across to the Other Side. They brought the sun with them, burning them black as they did in one story, while in Norse mythology, Ravens are kept by Odin, their names are Huginn and Muninn, thought and memory. In Welsh, Bran (raven) is the giant king of Britain.

His design was inspired by all this, and by the movie Ong Bak 3 where a crow spirit in the form of a human steals the king's power and uses it to try and rule all the land. I liked the dark tattoos on the character, and I like the swirls often found in Celtic and Pictish art. Croven is quite a crossing of cultures, but I think spirits are universal like that.

Yes... yes... I do realize he needs a major clean-up in Photoshop. That will come with time. Right now I just wanted to show him off a bit, get some feedback.
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