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Name: Mikael (Mi-ka-el) Harana
Nick Name: Mika or Hara
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Year: 2nd
Weapon: Gun & Sword (Gun in he's left hand, Pistol type or SMGs. Heavy rifles like AK47 or M16 are a no no and Sword on he's right, usually One handed light swords like Rapier)
Affinity: Electricity
Social Link: Emperor
Persona : Bathala (Bat-ha-la)
Self Proclaimed Quote: Pain? You don't know the true meaning of the word.

-Smiling (even though he has no reason to smile too)
-Reading novels (Usually Fantasy or Scifi) (One ring to RULE THEM ALL... Ahem...)
-Charice (I love you CHAAAARICEE I'm your number one chaster)
-Mikaela (He's twin Sister) (I'll protect her no matter what)
-Summer (Somehow remind him of he's country)
-Observing (I seeeeee ohhhh her panty is pink ^_^) (Crap!!! Damn it Old habits die hard)
-Leading (You know you need my guidance)

-Emo Atmosphere (dude what's with the aura?)
-Toilet Humor (You disgust me, allow me to punch you in the face)
-Charice Haters (Envious bastards)
-Mikaelo (He's Brother) (I swear You'll pay dearly with your blood Brother)
-Winter (It's not my season)
-Being Ordered (And WHO ARE YOU to command me?!!!)

Mikael's Arcana is that of the Emperor, meaning he is a guy that has a sense of leadership and Charisma to lead a party of Persona users into battle. He's very Protective especially to her twin sister Mikaela, a second year student also at Velvet Academy. He always smiles, and will greet you with that positive face every morning. he's a little bit prideful and ressists people who tends to order him or command him, but if situation requires to swallow he's pride he'll gladly bow down and will humbly obey a command. He's a good leader, and a good tactitian, a proud student of the art of war, becasue of this, he fashion he's figthing style to be effective at both range and melee conflicts and thus he uses both gun and sword in the battle. He always being tempted by he's classmates to run for student council becasue of he's leadership skills and he's unbeaten prowess for handling people. But alas he always deny the proposal. he just wanted a peaceful highschool life.

Mikael, Mikaela, the twins of August 15 was part of the Harana Family, a famous family back at their country. The Harana clan was famous at both showbiz and Politcs, their mother was an actress during her maiden years and their father was a young governor gifted with intense political prowess.

Aside from her twin sister Mikaela, Mikael has an older brother name Mikaelo, the young passionate boy of 16 who dreams of following their father's footsteps bringing pride and honor to the clan. All of the three siblings have good relationship with one another.

However, on the eve of Mikaelo's 17th birthday, the good sweet relationship between the siblings is starting to dwindle as Mikaelo started to act cold to the twins. It didin't take long before Mikaelo started to feel intense hatred towards their parents. For some unkown reason he became violent and mostly rebelious. The sweet brother of them has changed, and on one particular night, their brother had left without a trace.

On the day of Mikaela's birthday, which autamtically is also Mikael's will change the life of the twins. The whole family was there, the twins are going twelve and as the two blow the candle on their cake, a familiar voice echoed across the room. "Happy Birthday my sweet siblings." It was their brother Mikaelo whom for one year of absence finally return. however, it seems he's aura is darker.

"The whole clan is here....Good..." Mikaelo cast a smile and from one great shout the whole room tremble!!!


A giant monster came to form behind their brother and quickly unleash attacks that quickly fell some of the family members. Blood quickly shed the floor some even stained the twins. Their father quickly died but her mother ressisted. Mikael, notice a guardian size image protecting them, it is a persona, their mother has a persona "MIKAEL BRING MIKAELA AND RUN!! MAYARI (her persona) ENDURE HE'S ATTACK GYAAAA!!. Mikaela was trauma struck and unable to move her legs, her mother protected them to her full power but in the end also fell from their brother's persona. When the weapon of Mikaelo's Persona is about to struck Mikaela, Mikael stand he's ground and plans to catch the weapon. As he shouts a tremendous aura covered him, and from that light a hand appered and catch the weapon.

"I'am you and you are me, I'am Bathala and I shall be your sheild"

A battle happened and in the end he's brother was repelled and retreated. Leaving young Mikael confuse as he stares upon the giant figure that is he's persona. Mikaela was left traumatize as they were surrounded by the dead bodies of their relatives.

five years after the incident, Mikael went to hiding along with Mikaela in fear that they will be hunted down by their brother. The reason for their Brother's sudden berserk and he's reason on killing the whole clan is still unkown and still plays riddle on Mikael's mind. they we're given scholarship on the velvet academy and start a new life on a new foreign land.

Mikael still hasn't forgotten the massacre, he knows the day will come when he will again meet he's brother and with that time comes. He'll make sure that it is he's Brother's blood that will stain the ground.

Persona: Bathala
The God of the sky in Philippine-Tagalog Mythology, one of the three creators of the Philippine Islands and the creator of the first man and woman that walk the world. Rules the realm of Kalangitan (Heaven) and has three child name Apo-Kaoley (God of sun and war) Mayari (Goddess of the moon) and Tala (Goddess of the stars) When the Spanish Colonize the Philippines only Bathala was not demonize. Today the word Bathala is still being used pertaining to the almigthy God.

In battle
Mikael uses both sword and gun as a wepon. Meaning he can intially take damage with pierce and slash element upon the shadows he face. He looks quite powerful but he has one let down. He's defensive posture is quite low, sure he has high agility but one critical can make this dual wielding guy to back down a little.

Speeches in Battle

Preemptive strike
Nice!! Now let's crush them!!

What?! Damn it!! I did not see this!!

Summoning Persona
Come!! Your Master Summons you!!
Bathala!!! COME TO ME!!!

All out attack
All of them are down don't show any mercy now.

Damn!! This is Pathetic...

Bow down to me!!

Being commanded
*tsk* like I have a choice!

Being commanded to support

Being commanded to do Free will
FInally!! allow me to dance on my own rythm

Given an Item
For me? wow...Thanks?

Critical hit

Recovery from a critical hit
That's it you have CROSSED THE LINE!!!
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