Sun Wukong Picture

Hey everyone, this is my picture i created in photoshop for my senior project. In it is Sun Wukong (monkey king), who is a mythical chinese character. The story of Sun Wukong is most commonly related with Journey to the West. In it a monk named Tripitaka and his three disciples Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy, travel to India in search of Buddhist scriptures to get rid of pain and suffering. In my picture i drew them journeying to the west but instead of facing new demons or monsters, they come to a sign which shows if they want to continue west, or if they want to take a detour. With the detour you can see in the background a bunch of other mythilogical characters from other religions fighting amongst one another. I would suggest reading about Sun Wukong and Journey to the West, or watching the tv series. I also made a video about Sun Wukong for my senior project as well that can be found on my YouTube channel [link] thanks everyone
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