Jesus vs the Cyclops Picture

"....hello", a soft human voice breaks it's way past the scorching sound of bursting, molten earth and metal and reaches the ears of the smithy Hephaestus. The Olympian turns to meet the source, peering past the many beings and workers of his forge to the entrance of his deep palace to find what appears to be a man, his long brown hair falling into place around the pulled cowl of his robes and held pressed by a crown of thorns that adorned his head. The cyclops workers of the forge eyed him as he made his way to the smith god and took a seat down at his side as the man says to the god "I say, hello fellow craftsman", Hephaestus raises his swollen brow and replies "fellow craftsman? what trade do you run, mortal?". The man raises his face up to meet the smith and replies "carpenter, I was raise the son of a carpenter...and how did you come to this role?", Hephaestus braces his supports and walks around to the other side of his anvil and says "...hurg...because I side with my ungrateful mother...that wrech of a woman...Zeus cast me down from mount olympus when I tried to protect her, I fell for the entirety of a day before I landed in the isle of Lemnos where I was taken in by the kind people know as the sintians, who taught me the ways of the forge". Hephaestus lowers his head to his anvil and weeps lightly "the fall had left me as you see here....", the crowned man then says "but little god, I see not a thing wrong with you...", Hephaestus pounds the ground with his hammer and roars at the man "what!?!?! were you sent from on high to mock me even more so!!! all know of the 'shriveled of foot' Hephaestus". The man looks up to the angry god and simple smiles, Hephaestus raises his hammer and leaps over his anvil to strike him before realizing that he had leaped over his anvil, the man stands and holds up a mirror to Hephaestus, revealing all his deformities to be healed and his appearance elevated to that of his fellow olympians.

Hephaestus is left utterly speechless before the man before falling to his knees and weeping at the man's feet, the god looks up to his savior and screams "thank you, oh thank you kind sir, you have removed the curse of my king, how may I thank you", the man closes his eyes and says "there is no need my son, my removal of your lameness was thanks enough". The god stands and yells "nonsense!!! you have done that which none over would do, you sir are a herald of kindness sir", he grabs several gleaming arms and armors and lays them before the man as he says "take anything you like, all I have to offer is yours!!", the man simply says "I will have you the same that you have had of me, kindness, the gods who have done this to you have taken the best for themselves and left humans with the least of the pickings...your brothers and sisters are very capable of surviving without your services, I would ask they you help the people of the world, give to them the unconditional love and kindness I have given to you and you debt shall be repaid, my son". The smith leaps high and praises his friend and begins to forge a bronze bull and affixing his cart to it as he loaded it down with his belongings, his tools and his wares; The god asks the man "what is your name? I must spread your name to those I spread your teachings, who must I tell them healed me?", the man chuckles and says " tell them the risen lord Jesus has sent you", Hephaestus's eyes widen when he hears that name and says " are him", the man says "peace be upon you, now be off my son".

Days pass as the smith of the gods has passed his work on to the betterment of mankind, his miraculous new health and his denial of Zeus has spread and the gods would soon visit on him their opinion of this. The messengers of the gods displeasure soon made themselves apparent, the three cyclops brothers of the forge had been sent to return Hephaestus to his role in the world. Hephaestus looks upon his aggressors and says "do you worst!!! I have seen the light of hope that there is a power that will not bow to you nor Zeus, you can break my bones, tear my flesh, but my spirit will not break!!!". Brontes, Steropes, and Arges step forth and push forth a massive anvil, the horn sharpened and barbed to hold a target in place for what will surely be a brutal beating. The beasts roar out and begin to step forth, the thunderous foot falls send the people flailing as they run for safety. The foot falls stop as the sound of clanging metal reverberates through the air and is quickly followed up by an explosive crashing sound, the three wheel around and spot the source of the sound: Jesus has stepped into the arena. The lord stands before the anvil, the horn lopped off by a massive two handed sword he held aloft in his right hand, his robes replaced by a heavy cape and surcoat, his hands adorned in gauntlets with a massive spike piercing each hand, his feat wrapped in heavy sabatons as he stands in a pool of blood and his eyes a set of bright lights. The lord points his sword at the creatures and bellows "turn from your current path!! If there is a price to be paid for his freedom, I shall pay it", small bursts of flame lick his lips as he spoke. The Steropes roars at the man, stating "you will pay the price for this transgression, but this one must be reminded that of his place: beneath Zeus, all must obey his word or they shall be punished for all of eternity", Jesus lowers his sword and says "please, take my offer, I will suffer a year for every day he is to be punished if it will free him....", the brothers charge him as he pleads with them; Jesus closes his eyes and lets out a long breath and says "may you find peace, my sons", he opens his eyes and the monsters are engulfed in three roaring columns of flame that whip and bellow for a few seconds before subsiding, leaving no trace of the beings. The people stand awe struck as Jesus sheathes his sword and walks off into the sunset as Hephaestus begins his praises.
fight analysis: (what? you thought I wouldn't explain myself?)
The Jesus that fought here is specifically the christian Jesus, not the muslim Jesus. The reason for that is the same reason I'll use the strongest version of someone in all future fights: give them the best chance they've got, I did the same by using the first generation of cyclops and not the second.
first argument: Jesus is God's son, not God.
We'll be using that assumption for this argument, but no the second one. Jesus is a peace bringer in his first appearance, but his appearance in the book of Revelations has him eventually squaring off with Lucifer/Satan who was capable of using one of his multiple tails to casually flick a third of the stars out of the sky (if I have to go into detail on this in a later fight, you'll see why that is even more impressive than it already seems), the closest feat in greek mythology is when the gods make constellations for fallen heroes, this was one of the greatest honors because that was pretty close to the max the gods' power was capable of, so being important enough that the gods actually strained themselves for you was big damn deal. The thing is, the gods are seen as over the cyclops, even the first gen ones, so the transitive property doesn't bode well for the orb eyes. The next nail in the head on this is the fighting experience of the two, Jesus ends up fighting in the final war and proves he is a very capable warrior, the cyclops didn't seem to have a track record that damn close.
second argument: Jesus IS God.
omnipotence....nuff said on that one.
also, I know anyone here who played GOW3 will love this because poor Hephaestus finally got a happy ending..I hated having to kill him.
thanks for read.
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