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Name origin: Ladon, Greek mythological serpent dragon that guarded the golden apples.
Family: Virus Busters
Type: Dragon Digimon
Stage: Rookie
Attribute: Vaccine


Ladomon is quiet, reserved and compassionate. She often listens in on other Digimon and only joins a conversation if she feels she needs to. She is not a fan of fighting, but like everyone else, she will fiercely protect her partner.
She has an interesting relationship with Colchimon; the two have been together since they hatched, and have always supported each other, even through the onslaught of Fire Digimon. As such she gets nervous if he isn’t around, and can only fight to her full potential when he’s around.
As for Kai, Ladomon is incredibly hesitant around him. While Eloise will always listen to what he says, Ladomon only bears with him because she feels she has to, for Colchimon’s sake. In truth, she’s afraid of Kai, and the person he could turn out to be.

Battle Style: Ladomon is one of the most powerful of the resistance Digimon, but she often holds back unless she is fighting along with Colchimon. She has a good grasp of physical and ranged attacks, and is able to take out Champion levels at her full strength.


Sun Spear – Ladomon’s tail glows white and she fires a small beam towards her opponent.
• Blinding Stare – Ladomon stares into an opponent’s eyes, flashing a bright light and temporarily blinding them.


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