Delta Pierce Ref Picture

Okay so really shitty quick ref for her. Basically I had these sketches done and I liked them a lot and didnt wanna have to spend forever redrawing, but I have no scanner.
Name: Amber "Delta" Pierce
Gender: Female (duh)
Age: 17
Birthday: October 15th
Status: Single/separated (She thinks her boyfriend is dead)
Powers/Special Abilitys/Talents: Pyrokinetic, good on electric guitar.
Personality: Stubborn, care free, protective, mature when needed, playful, hot tempered (VERY short fuse), prone to emotional breakdowns.
Likes: Animals, fighting, fire, music, cities, mythology, astrology, learning new things, people, blades (swords/knives), her 'family', rollarcoasters/carnivals/fairs.
Dislikes: Silence, guns, snobs, liars, dresses, too much sun, the beach, the subway, labels.
Bio: Basically she doesn't remember anything before the time she was about 6, except the face of her father and her mothers voice. An older guy kidnapped her from a park, but when she burst into flames he threw her out of the car. She ended up with a concussion and went to the biggest building she could see, an astrology museum, she named herself Delta while there. After that she was alone until she was about 13, when she met Jayson and Michael. They then picked up Ashton and lived together, playing music to get by. Delta was out one night and was attacked by a rouge vampire (gone crazy), but a slayer helped her and told her about Blackwell's. Then the story beings blah blah blag.
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