Pheromosa Picture

I like looking up the new Legendaries for every new iteration of the Pokemon games since they're fascinating to me. I love how they tie into the lore of the Pokemon World. Most of the Legendaries are generally not evil (there are some exceptions. Looking at you Genie bunch! ...and manufactured Legends like Mewtwo shouldn't count) and tend to represent an aspect of the natural world and sometimes that of the human nature. Zygarde probably is the worst, though at 10%, it's little balls of adorable. And then Gamefreak decided to make Ultra Beasts. They're not Legendaries, but they're powerful and basically pure evil. Yay... Hell comes to the Pokemon World, and it's 7 "Ultra Beasts" from another dimension. How stereotypical seven deadly sin can you get here? Now you can either pick the angry red mosquito. The slutty cockroach. The... I have no idea what the rest are, but you upright call one Gluttony? K. Evil Pokemon. Wee. Okay, Xurkitree is literally cables with zip ties around it. That is easy but argh! Every Gen I bitch about something. Mega Evolutions, how the Legendary Dogs/Cats/Beasts are something (they're dogs!), Kyogre was over-designed, until it kept getting worse... and worse... and worse... And now we have legitimately corrupted Pokemon. WTF. So vent image, and by vent I mean an excuse to post an image of the easiest to draw by also bitching.

Decided to draw the easiest in group, which is Pheromosa UB-02 Beauty, aka, the slut roach. She (it) is some upitty, pompous bitch of a bug (yes, bug) who apparently naturally attracts everything to her and yet is utterly repulsed by everything anyway. You are too unworthy of her. I did not capture the essence of snottiness with this one. The base image pose is what does it, otherwise she really doesn't have any physical characteristics that make her appear this way. That crown makes it too difficult to work with, otherwise would have loved to give her the resting bitch face. Need more of the top of the eye to get that one. Didn't spend all that long at this. Went really quick, and mostly wanted an excuse to whine.

Ugh... I hate these things. At least they didn't call them Legendaries because collectively the Legendaries are more noble.

Photoshop CS4
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