Moon's Messanger Picture

EDIT: Yes, it looks like a cow. I get it. I was drawing within a limited space and so the proportions are lulzy.

Character number #14. The end.

This one is actually from a story-telling scene in Cryptic Allusions, Chapter 12. Originally, the chapter was way too short. There's a good number of story-telling scenes in CA, not as fillers, but to build the story's own mythology. This is the unnamed messenger of the Moon, a piebald stag-hind. AKA: A multi-colored transgender deer.

Does with abnormal amounts of testosterone occasionally grow antlers. This character was occasionally an allusion to the 'twin spirits' of Native American culture. 'Twin Spirits' (if I can remember) were either people that were transgender or homosexual (I forget which, although I know there's a ceremony they have that involves gay bison, and I kid you not) I believe they were highly respected people though.

I'll just post the story. Read or don't read.

“This is a story of Darkness, father of the Minor Gods, protector of the night, and guardian of the Moon in all her phases. And while he is a cunning and powerful being, the power of Darkness often does not directly reach the Earth, for that is the Sun’s domain.
“With his yellow fire eyes of burning starlight, he roams the reaches of space, maintaining the cosmic power, for it is his right and his alone. Sun controls the power of life, while Moon has her magic. Darkness is ever watchful, keeping the universe in check with his energy.
“From the distance he saw a figure leaping through the heavens with great haste. By the tines crowned upon its head, Darkness believed that it was an earthly stag, lost adrift in his black void. The creature promptly bowed upon its front knees to Darkness, before standing against to greet him with his abnormal eyes, glowing red.
“Red like the color of a dying sunset. The animal’s fur was in patches of white and brown. The shoulders and back were dipped in the usual shade, but the belly and face were ivory. Patches ran along the legs while the nose and hooves were pinkish in color.
“Darkness examined the beast with his sight, alerted to find that the strange beast, with its malformed antlers, was a rare creature of mixed gender; externally male while reproductively male. A twin spirit, as some may call, but sacred nonetheless.
“ ‘Oh queer beast that bows before me, of what world is your genesis?’ Darkness questioned. To which the stag-hind promptly replied ‘I am the deliverer of message from kingdom to kingdom.’ ‘And who is your creator?’ ‘The moon, with all her magic, has sculpted me’. Darkness gave a pleased nod.’
“ ‘And why have you come to me then, riding through the blackness with such strife?’ ‘Dearest sir, Master of void, I come pleading humbly a request from the trees and the animals. The sun assaults them with his fury, high in his sky kingdom so that no shadow may dwell. They come begging your sanctuary.’ “
“ ‘But ‘tis not my time to walk the earth.’ ‘Then let the Painter guide you as far as she may, and from there you may run beneath me, and you shall be safe. For the Sun can not part me from my shadow.’
“So with great haste, Darkness commanded the Sky Painter to paint a pathway into the ripened sky so that he may walk in peace, out of the Sun’s domain. With her wispy wings, the grand corvid drew a line if ink and with the stag-hind leading, they made their pilgrimage to earth.
“When the Sky Painter’s wings ran out of ink, she retreated to her kingdom of blackness. Darkness jumped between the stag-hind’s thundering hooves, running between her legs. He became her shadow, and was thus safe as they strode into the Sun’s kingdom, making their descent to earth.
“Down the ancient pathways and through the sacred wood, he summoned the shadows to their boughs. Abyss consumed the forest, casting a cool wind to run through the trees. The once lifeless land came striving forth with sound and color as he breathed the shades back to the sylvan setting
“When all the branches had been given their gift, he and the stag-hind left the safety of the wood to make their ascent. However, it was an angry Sun that found them spoiling his work. He raised his great sword to strike, but Darkness was too clever for him. He darted beneath the stag-hind’s legs as they bolted for the heavens. However, to get to his domain, they would have to read in Sun’s territory. Nothing was more fierce or quick as the Sun.
“ ‘Quickly,’ she urged him ‘Jump onto my back and I will carry you to your kingdom. Sun may be quick, but he can never catch me. I am too agile to be caught by any force, mortal or divine. I am just as Moon sculpted me.’
“He did not hesitate, grabbing onto her haunches and flinging himself on. He balanced by holding her antlers, trying to keep a grip with every leap and jerking motion. By retreating from her shadow, he gave up his safety. The Sun struck with his sword, landing heavily on Darkness’s back.
“He bled ink from his wound, staining the heavens where it touched. The stag-hind ran as hard as she could in desperation, but she felt the power of Darkness seeping away.
“A flash of black came to blanket them as the Sky Painter’s wings engulfed them whole, shielding her master from the Sun’s sword. With her talons, she lifted Darkness, lending him her wings and granting him flight. She flew higher and higher into the Sun’s kingdom, protecting her master at all costs.
“The stag-hind was left behind, but she was confident that Moon’s magic was strong and true, and that she would not be hurt. In the shadows of space, the Sky Painter nursed her master back to health but in his weakness the Gods lost their power. It was only once he had fully healed, did the Gods regain their divinity. “
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