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Eileithyia (pronounced ay-lay-THWEE-uh) is the Greek Goddess of childbirth and midwifery. A daughter of Zeus and Hera, she is also ruler of the pain and length of labor. It appears that there were originally two Eileithyiai—one to hasten birth and one to delay it—but they were eventually conflated into one Goddess. -www.goddessaday.com/

Time: 2.25 hrs
Midwife Reference: pixgood.com/certified-nurse-mi…
Lotus Reference: imgkid.com/lotus-flower-drawin…

For this one, I ended up with a lot of symbolism~ It was either that, or draw childbirth, and ...no~ Soo.. I went and found the symbol for "Certified Nurse Midwife 2nd degree' in the middle, and thought it was just lovely! ^^ Eileithyia's symbols are the color white, and flower petals, so I drew a white lotus with the 'Midwife' symbol rising out of it~ I chose a lotus flower because that was a symbol of rebirth and the sun in ancient Egypt, thus making it work, nicely~ Observing, or perhaps creating all of this, is the Goddess Herself~ It's times like this that I enjoy digital art~ I would like to make those eyes identical~ Or symmetrical at the very least~ Got to work on that~ ^^

No, the numbers are not off, I had an extreme allergic reaction to I don't know what yesterday, and after all that, plus the loads of Benadryl, I was just too tired to draw anything last night, so I will have to draw that sketch at some other time~
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