Thief of the time Picture

My OC, he is God of Time. Evolution of his name:

Chronos (Greek mythology) --> Kronos ---> Kuronos (kuro - black)

His duty is controlling time and the fate of the universe. One day, he felt so bored and appeared in humans' world without permission. Kuronos enjoyed humans' life and stay there. He began to steal people's time and lost a lot of his power because of that. Now his old friends (guards of time) want to kill him and
return the stability of the universe, but he still run away. Kuronos has the ability to reincarnate and he can move to parallel worlds so guards of time can't find and catch him.

I only live one day

And when night is coming.

I close my eyes, I take a breath.

I close the loop of time.

I won't return time, which I have stolen.

I still run away like that.

And when the Sun is rising, I wake up again.

I open new eyes."

Sorry for my bad English ;_;


I've made gears by brushes.

I hope you enjoy it!

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