Himikomon Picture

Yawn... Okamimon's Perfect level needed two months to be realized and even that, she was a pain to design and the kimono seems to be too large (and looks too simple for me). She has a feather coat to fly and prefers using energy attacks instead using a weapon (doesn't mean she lost her imagination ability because she hasn't a weapon).

Level: Perfect (Ultimate)
Type: God Man
Attribute: Vaccine
Field: Nature Spirits, Wind Guardians, Virus Busters
Attacks: Jewel Feathers, Celestial Flare, Shining Soul Dance

Jewel Feathers: Summons light spheres and shoots them like a rain of sharp feathers.
Celestial Flare: Shoots a ball (or a wave) of heavenly fire at the opponent.
Shining Soul Dance: In a elegant display, Himikomon dances in the air while summoning the power of the sun. The burning light incinerates evil beings and can purify souls.

Character: Like her previous form Okamimon, Himikomon maintains an air of honor and nobility and are seen as excellent priestesses with a strong magical power. They are very kind and patient, sometimes they are displaying wisdom. Behind this however hides a child-like curiously, wanting to learn everything.

Origin: Himikomon was based after the mythological tennyo, which means celestial maiden. She's inspired after the Japanese shaman empress Himiko as well. Himiko also means "Sun Priestess", which fits in Himikomon's evoline's sun theme.

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