.:APH:. Philippines OC Picture

//EDIT 21/11/2015// Her ref is now on my account and updated ! Her hairstyle was changed (into a low side ponytail tied with a braid and a different sort of flower as opposed to the sampaguita) and her middle/second name changed.
The Kami is in the process of updating all her OC refs <3

NOTE !!! THIS IS AN OC UNDER JOINT OWNERSHIP !!! Her original creator is melonstyle, however Mel has left the Hetalia fandom and left me, Kami, to be her new (second) owner.
Credit to Mel considering most of her write-ups on personality, history, relations, etc. that you will find in the description are still originally written by her. Original bio found here> [HETALIA] Philippines Profile
If you wish to use this OC in a drawing/fanfic/etc. with given permission, make sure to credit/link both Mel and I. Thank you! ❤

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