If God Is My Father, Then I Am An Orphan Picture

Another post-card. Inspired by one of my favourite poems ever, by musician/poet/artist/dissident devil, Otep Shamaya.

It's worthy of posting in it's entirety.

"(And this is how the world died
And this is how the world died
I can hear you judging me
I'll hear your confession)

I found the best piece of me,
(Kneel down)
Shivering in the dark,
(Place your face between my thighs)
Three centimeters tall,
(And talk to god)
Eating it's heart.
(But you will not feast on me today
This is how the world died)

Who will slay this thing?
(I forgive you)
Who will play the butcher and
End my suffering?
I forgive you.
(Fuck the minds of the masses
with the fingers of liberty)

This is not a threat,
(This is not,
A threat.)

I'm not perfect,
I'm not a beauty queen I'm just me,
I'm just me,
I’m just me!
We are all,
Prisoners here.
(All shapes and sizes)
(I've screamed for all the women I've never been,
but hoped I would be.)
(I'm proud of who I am)
Chasing the sun.)
(I'm proud of me)
(She bites her trembling mind.)

It began as all tragedies do,
(Forgive me, forgive me)
With pain and deception.
(If you'll be the paper I'll be the pen)
This is it,
I've tasted hell,
And it tastes just like you

My final plea,
No one is coming to save me,
No one is going to change things,
The answers will not drop from the sky,
I will not one day wake with a different disguise,

The only solution,
Is revolution-

(The odds were always against me,
Lose weight,
Clearly think,
I exist, I am broken,
I exist, I am broken)
(If god is my father
Then I am an orphan)
(I am broken)

I am not a mistake,
(My ancestry is a ghost story)
I'm a prophecy,
(My love life is a crime scene)
I'm an omen,
My self-esteem is a string of unsolved murders,
The radio is brainwashing me filling my head with these
Self conspiracies
(I am an emotional nightmare)
I can't hide the pain inside
Builder of my own mythology
Just tell me
You're listening..."

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