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One of my continents in my currently unnamed pre-apocalyptic fantasy world. Anemos is named after the Greek Winds (Anemoi). It is a desert continent which is slowly losing its landmass due to an immense waterfall at the world's edge (Yes, the world is flat!). Anyway, I won't go into any storyline, but I'll describe the individual places marked on the map.

AEKILIA - named after "Aquilo," the North Wind. This is the largest region of the continent. However, despite its size, it is also the most arid place in the world.

Gaia - named after the primal goddess of earth in Greek Mythology. Haven't determined lore for this area yet, but it's going to be built along the faces of a small mountain, and at the top is going to be a small Parthenon-like building.

Axiom - One of the three floating citadels in the world. It houses many magic users who spend countless hours studying the arcane ways. Due to cataclysmic events that have taken the world below, they have uprooted their land and have secluded themselves from the world.

Frotegamma - Lost, submerged city that screams "Atlantis."

Oneiros and Morpheus - named after the sons / brothers of sleep and the god of dreams, respectively. No lore yet.

Pandemonia - A large city built upon a great river. Much of the city is comprised of tall structures that pierce the sky. The architecture is much like the Greeks.

Favonia - named after "Favonius," the Roman wind god. Port city at the base of the great river.

CEPHORAN - mutation of "Zephyrus," the West Wind. Although significantly more lush than Aekilia, much of its landmass has been swallowed up by the sea. Dormant evil lies underneath its core.

Enkidu - named after a character in Mesopotamian Mythology. In ancient times, they were a great war city that triumphed over all others. In present day, it is the only one that remains. Local myth speaks of a great beast that sleeps underneath the earth (Titanfall Cavern is its head), destined to rise again.

AUSTERIA - named after "Auster," the Roman South Wind. Once a lush, fertile land, the waterfall at land's edge has consumed all but one last village.

Tralithia - mutation of "intra" (within) + "lithos" (stone)... 'Cause it lies within the stone. It was once a prosperious mining village, but only a few settlers remain.

ENTARK - Antarctica, anyone? Barren wastes that seethe undeath. A great mountain lies within its heart. Sometimes at the peak is an eerie light that can be seen far across the world.

FALTORNOS - mutation of "Vulturnus," Roman East Wind. Once the dominion of a kingdom that warred with Croxenia to the south in the distant past... Recently struck by a massive earthquake... Now it's just a big, ominous hole with a gargantuan temple in the middle.

Morthe - Much of this large fortress city was destroyed by the earthquake. Morthe is an incredible display of superior engineering, where everything is a robot, basically.

Havre Regis - "Havre" (French word for "harbor") + "regis" (Latin word for "king"). Port city of Morthe. Impressive sea vessels... And whale-boats.

Trundholme - Inspired by the Trundholm sun chariot. Earthquake happened. People died.


Saxonhold - mutation of "Saxony-Anhalt," the place where the Nebra Sky Disk was discovered. It used to be the greatest city of the land, but in present day has been reduced significantly in status.

Regalvale and Strathbairn - "Strath" (Scottish "river-valley") + "bairn" (Scottish "child"). Center of the largest kingdom of Anemos.

Durance - named after... Well, what the name means, really. Prison city in the middle of the forest.

SOUTHCAIRN - Because it is in the south and there are Cairn stones. A thick marshland that has Stonehenge-like structures scattered throughout. Many are ruined, but the few that remain serve to be a grisly image in the swamps.

Friar's Heel and Kairon's Landing - Look it up on Wikipedia. Kairon = Charon.
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