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After 10 years it's still Nickelodeon's best show (Cram it Spongebob). I'm Jefimus PRime and this is my top 20 Avatar The Last Airbender Episodes

20. The Chase: Let's kick things off with The first episode where Toph becomes a full-fledged member of Team Avatar. This episode is very suspenseful, as Azula and co. chase after them all night long, and a sleep-deprived Team Avatar has some internal conflict. This is a great episode, especially with all the bending and action, but also with the relationship dynamics.

19. Appa's Lost Days: One of the best-directed episodes, the only reason this isn’t higher up is because of the severe lack of human characters, which makes it drag on a bit. Still, it says a lot that an episode with an animal as the main character is so well done, especially considering the lack of dialogue.

18. The Puppetmaster: This was on The Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 list and I agree with him. It was the scariest and most disturbing episode. It’s set up as a mystery, with people disappearing on nights of the full moon, and there’s a creepy innkeeper who tries to teach Katara how to bloodbend. It feels like a filler, but it ends up being important as it explores what it means to be a waterbending master, and when a person can have too much power.

17. The Blue Spirit: The Blue Spirit" is a favorite among fans, most notably for its intriguing mystery and thrilling action sequences. More importantly, though, this episode marked a turning point for Prince Zuko. The Banished Prince disguises himself as a masked warrior named the Blue Spirit and attempts to rescue Aang after he's captured and imprisoned by Commander Zhao, and no one expect it to be him underneath the mask until the end. What's so great about this episode was seeing Aang and Zuko working together for the first time, teaming up to take down a common enemy. And even though Aang didn't realize Zuko was behind the mask -- and, for that matter, Zuko was only rescuing Aang to help himself -- it was here we learned the two boys could become allies and that Zuko may have been more redeemable than we expected.

16. Sokka's Master: This episode is a classic. Sokka, who has always been “the guy in the group who’s just regular,” learns how to fight with a sword, and even gets to make his own sword out of a meteorite. Throughout his entire training he seems to mess everything up, but Master Piandao recognizes Sokka’s creativity and versatility. This has arguably some of the best martial arts sequences in the entire series.

15. The Avatar and The Firelord: For an episode that’s set almost entirely in the past, this one does a fairly good job. We get to learn about Roku and his relationship with Sozin, and how Zuko is descended from both of them. It’s also the first time we hear Iroh speak since the end of Book 2 (which makes the actor change much less jarring). Best line from this episode: “Some friendships are so strong they can even transcend lifetimes.”

14. The Runaways: Katara and Toph come head-to-head as Toph pulls off several scams in order to get money for the team, and ends up with a wanted poster of her. The two of them get into trouble when Katara, in an effort to reconnect with Toph, suggests that they pull off the biggest scam yet by pretending to turn Toph in and collecting the reward before busting her out. Instead, it ends up being a trap, and Team Avatar ends up fighting a seemingly unkilable assassin named combustion man.

13. The Firebending masters: After mastering the other three elements, it was time for Aang to harness the element of fire. In the beginning, fire had only been seen as a sinister tool exclusive to the Fire Nation, but here we learned the truth about firebending, hidden away in the Sun Warrior temples. Zuko starts teaching Aang firebending, only to find that he’s lost his ability to firebend. So He and Aang go on a journey to find this extinct city, only to discover that the Sun Warriors still existed, as well as two ancient dragons!It was cool to see Aang and Zuko work together again (this time on purpose), especially given their violent history together. This was really the first time we got to see Zuko proving his loyalty to Aang -- and what better way to do that than explore some ancient ruins together?

12. The Southern Raiders This was the Darkest episode to focus on Katara, After Escaping from Azula, Zuko informs Katara the identity of the person who killed her mother. Katara, who is filled with rage, goes on a stealth mission with Zuko to find this man and get revenge, and even uses bloodbending on a man she thinks is the culprit. By the end of the episode she shows mercy and doesn’t kill the man, even though she doesn’t forgive him. She does, however forgive Zuko for betraying her trust in Ba Sing Se.

11. Bitter Work: This is the Episode whereAang finally learned the ways of earthbending from an unlikely instructor, Toph Beifong. Since earthbending was the opposite of Aang's native airbending, it was expected that Aang would have a difficult time mastering the element -- hence the title, "Bitter Work." Not only did Aang learn how to earthbend in this episode, Iroh tries to teach Zuko how to redirect Lighting We also learned here that Iroh was much more knowledgable that we'd previously given him credit for. His speech detailing the vital importance of all four elements offered great insight into the show's mythological themes. "Bitter Work" also had some great comedic moments: Such as when Katara disagreeing with Toph's teaching methods and Sokka getting stuck in a rock slide.

10. Zuko Alone: This episode worked on two levels. First, the obvious western influence, but then the fact this was a huge emotional touchstone for Zuko -- arguably his best in the series. This was really where he transformed from a moody teenager into the badass with a heart of gold. He befriended a young boy whose family took him in for the night. As Zuko recalled his childhood, he remembered how his mother was the only one who really understood him. But once she disappeared, Zuko was forced to struggle alone with only his tyrannical father to guide him. Offering some of the most poignant moments on the show, "Zuko Alone" was definitely one of the greats.

9. Siege of The North: The season finale to book one is absolutely amazing in all aspects, from the phenomenal storytelling, to the magnificent animation, to the awesome bending. Zhao brings an entire fleet of ships to attack the Northern Water Tribe, and Zuko sneaks in to capture the Avatar before Zhao. Aang travels to the Spirit World and confronts Koh, the face-stealer, to learn the identities of the moon and ocean spirits. Aang’s body is captured by Zuko while he’s in the Spirit World, but Sokka and Katara rescue him. Zhao kills the moon spirit to cripple all the waterbenders. Aang joins up with the ocean spirit while in the Avatar State and attacks the Fire Nation, and Princess Yue sacrifices herself to become the new moon spirit. In the end, this episode was a stellar ending for season one. There was something almost mythic about it that really nailed the dichotomy of fire and water, that push and pull. At the same time, it hit all the emotional beats and defining character moments. It was satisfactory on every level, and it got you pumped for the next season.

8. Day of Black Sun: Team Avatar, along with many of their old friends, enact their plan to invade the Fire Nation of the Day of Black Sun, which is a solar eclipse. Aang doesn’t get to do much fighting because the Firelord knew he was coming, but Sokka, Katara, and Toph all get to show off their incredible fighting skills, and Sokka gets to step up as a leader when his father gets hurt. The most significant part of these episodes is when Zuko confronts his father, Firelord Ozai, and reveals his intention to join the Avatar in trying to stop him. Zuko also gets an awesome moment when he redirects his father’s lightning, a move taught to him by his uncle.

7. The Crossroads of Destiny: This was the Darkest episode and it's, also where I saw the sheer brutality of Zuko's sister, Azula, who as we soon learned was evil in every sense of the word. Basically it ends badly for the good guys, Zuko is forced to betray his uncle, and Katara, Aang is (spoiler) legitimately killed, although he is brought back to life by Katara’s spirit water from the Northern Spirit Oasis and Azula Ba Sing Se is conquered by the Fire Nation and the Gaang was forced into hiding. However, the Book Two finale was also suitably emotional and action-packed, which is why we can't help but love it.

6. The Ember Island Players: At no.6 is a a light-hearted recap episode that brings some levity before the intense four-part finale that follows. “This is exactly the kind of wacky, time-wasting nonsense I’ve been missing,” Sokka says, and we couldn’t agree more. This episode is full-blown meta as Team Avatar attends a play about their exploits. The portrayals are completely over-the-top; Katara is constantly crying about hope, Sokka is a buffoon who only thinks about food, Aang is played by a woman and is an “incurable prankster,” Zuko is honor-obsessed with a scar on the wrong side and extremely long hair, and Toph is played by a buff man who uses sonic screams. But the best part of the play is how the writers make fun of the show, like when Sokka tells Aang to “keep flying” when he mentions The Great Divide, a very unpopular episode, or when no one is sure whether Jet died. IT show our heroes there is no happy ending in store for them.

5. The Blind Bandit: at no.5 is the episode that introduces Toph, a blind, wise-cracking, earthbending pro! Team Avatar tries to convince her to join their team, which is really difficult considering that her parents think of her as a frail, helpless blind girl. The highlight of this episode is when Toph takes on multiple buff earthbenders all at once, proving to her father and her earthbending teacher that she is not the helpless little girl they thought she was. Toph kicks butt!!

4. Tales of Ba Se Sing: "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" was a very different kind of episode, which made it stand out. Told through a series of vignettes and spotlighting different characters, this episode still stayed true to the show, featuring tons of laughs and heartwarming moments. Katara and Toph hit the town for a girls' day out and became closer as friends; Sokka learned a lesson about haikus; Zuko finally wound down a bit and went on a date; Aang built a zoo (because why not?); and Momo searched high and low for his buddy Appa.Of course, the most memorable segment was Uncle Iroh's. After his own misadventure in Ba Sing Se, the old man traveled to the top of a hill at sunset, where it was revealed that today had been the anniversary of his son's death. Doubling down on the emotional impact, "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" was dedicated to Mako, the voice of Iroh, who at the time had recently passed away. (Cue the tearbending!)

3. The Boiling Rock: Sokka and Zuko sneak into the Fire Nation’s highest-security prison in hopes of finding and rescuing Sokka’s dad. They also manage to rescue Suki, who was also imprisoned there. Their escape from the prison is exciting and well thought out, with a full-blown prison riot and a bending battle atop a moving gondola (which, of course, is over a boiling lake). The most notable part of this episode is when Mai betrays Azula to help save Zuko, and Ty Lee follows suit to save Mai, getting both of them

2. The Storm: I suspect "The Storm" was a major turning point for a lot of viewers, as it proved Avatar:The Last Airbender
1. Sozin's Comet: Aside Transformers: Prime's Deadlock and Justice League Unlimited's Destroyer This was not only My favorite episode but my favorite closing to an animated series ever With a lionturtle, epic bending (and I don’t use the word “epic” lightly!), high stakes, high emotions, and a merciful but just ending, Sozin’s Comet definitely delivers. The first episode introduces Aang’s problem of stopping the Firelord without having to kill him, which goes against everything he’s ever believed. Zuko and Team Avatar look for Aang when he disappears in a trance in the middle of the night. In the second episode, Aang wakes up on a strange island that isn’t made of Earth, and consults his past lives in an effort to find a solution to his dilemma. Meanwhile, when Team Avatar can’t find Aang, they instead look for Iroh, Zuko’s uncle. Aang learns he’s on not an island, but a lionturtle, one of the oldest animals in existence, who teaches him of a way to defeat the Firelord. The final two episodes have Zuko and Katara battling Azula, while Sokka, Toph, and Suki hijack an airship, and Aang fights the Firelord. Aang, as taught to him by the lionturtle, takes away the Firelord’s bending and restores peace and balance, ending the 100-year war. (Oh, yeah, and Aang and Katara get together).

Honorable Mentions

The Avatar State
Bato Of the Water Tribe
Winter Solstice
The Western Air Temple
the Boy in the Iceberg
The Avatar Returns
Return to Omashu
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