OhWhatADump Picture

titles are my forte...yup.

but anyway have all the sketches (most coloured) from my break, when my bby broke :'D
(haha actually i reckon my laptops more of a whiney tween that keeps throwing tantrums...or a 40 year old alcoholic thats having a mid-life crisis ;;; )
ill give a quick description for all you lovelies to read through <3

Astra: you might've seen her before, here infact: errm yup just wanted to draw her again~

Charlotte: haha an adopt from the cool *WeirdLittleZombie, that ive drawn a few times, but this is her final design (ok quite different from the original but all well~). Charlotte likes to perv on people in the showers...oh and she can transform into cat and jump through different dimensions...cause everyone needs to strip to wash no matter what universe you're from
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