PotA || Tiger Night Picture

Your Tokota awakes in a body that is not of their own species (human, animal, mythological, anthropomorphic.) While learning to cope with their unfamiliar anatomy, they must find a way to return to their natural self.

Aladdin rolled over to his side in his sleep, just feeling the edges of wakefulness but not yet ready to open his eyes. He could feel the warmth of the sun against his coat and laid still for a few minutes simply soaking it in before he yawned and slowly blinked open his eyes.

“Agh!” The stillness lasted only a moment longer as he suddenly jerked back, surprised to find his bear companion barely an inch away from his face, her dark brown eyes curious as she stared at him. “Sura! What are you doing? You nearly scared my fur off.” The barbary exclaimed, scooting back away from the golden bear.

“I could say the same to you.” Suramya said slowly still staring at him.”Aladdin, what happened to you last night?” She asked slowly, her brow furrowing in confusion.

“What are you talking about?” Aladdin asked shaking his head and letting out a wide yawn. “We went fishing and then talked about what we were going to do today and then we went to sleep. You were with me the whole time Sura.” He replied when he could speak again, rolling his eyes at the bear; she always seemed to have the strangest questions first thing in the morning.

“Any weird dreams or anything like that?” The bear pressed, only adding to Aladdin’s confusion.

“No, I slept like an exhausted pup. Why did you?” He asked raising an eyebrow. Perhaps she thought she was dreaming still and that was the problem. “Do you want me to poke you and see if you wake up?”

“Um...no. But Aladdin, something weird definitely happened after I fell asleep.” She insisted sitting back. Letting out a sigh Aladdin sat up as well, turning his head to look around them. Everything looked normal, just as it had the night before. Still Suramya never took her eyes off of him.

“Sura, you’re starting to freak me out. What’s the matter? Why are you staring at me?” He demanded starting to get exasperated himself. The bear could be cryptic at times, but it was too early for guessing games.

“Do this.” Surmya said flatly, lifting her forepaw and wiggling her toes. Aladdin sighed, but at her insistent look he lifted his paw and wiggled his toes.

“Why am I - AGH! What happened to my paws?!” He cried sitting back on his haunches and lifting both forepaws out in front of him. They look familiar, at least in color, but the shape was all wrong. His toes were shorter, his claws retracted into thick fluff. Horrified he stood up and turned in a circle to get a look at himself, finding it was not just his paws that had changed. A long tail flailed behind him as he turned, his thick coat was shorter, and the vast majority of his mane was gone, giving way to a crest of fur the covered only his chest and neck. Gasping he looked over at Suramya again before dashing to the edge of the creek they had camped by. Terrified to look but unable not to, Aladdin stared down into the water and a gasp escaped him. His face was flatter, but at least his cheeks were still fluffy. Rounded ears laid back against his head, just barely sticking out of his neck ruff. “I’m a cat! I’m a sunbathing, self-licking feline!”

“Actually I think you’re a tiger.”

Word Count - 569
Location - Location: Coastal Tyonek

3 (FB colored & shaded) + 2 (BG) + 2 (non-commissioned) + 1 (Companion) + 1 (PotA) + 2 (569 Words) = 11 HP for Aladdin

Art and characters © SapphireSquire
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