Kaamos - Concepts Picture

Caution! A wall of text approaches. If you are the TL;DR type and/or are not interested in the story how this deviation came to be, just ignore it and scroll down until the second disclaimer and I will get to the point.


So a couple days ago, when I was in my German class, I got bored and started doodling. I didn't have any great ideas what to draw, so I just started with the normal wolf head.
I didn't feel like doing the guidelines for the body so I continued the drawing with just the outlines, like I sometimes tend to do to practise dynamic shaped. I added wings, beacuse why not, and it added to the ghostly no-guidelines feel of the wolf.
Then I overheard something from the teacher, which included the words "Blau Sonne" meaning blue sun, immediately to be noted to be a silly phrase, because the sun is not blue(if you didn't know by now).
I started to imagine a blue sun - a glowing round spot in the middle of the sky. And as I was simultaneously looking at my drawing's only guideline, the circle for the head, I was inspired.

A race of spirit wolves that had wings, lucid bodies and no eyes, but instead a glowing sphere for seeing and thinking. It sounded modernist/minimalistic enough to be unique.

I drew the same wolf again, and then designed a new circle-headed wolf, this time a little more eeeevil, and based it off a black hole. After I tried a more normal design for a male, this time inspired by spruces.
I flipped the paper and drew even more wolves, each with its own theme, including - for example - steel, electricity, desert, tundra and the moon. I strove to make every one as different as possible, resembling the themes they were around. Only the first one didn't have a theme, but I eventually came up with one for her later.

And I had just talked to my dad how I wanted to make 3D and/or virtual reality video game. Plot and setting now found - in eight minutes tops, booyah grandma.

Sometime later, when I had a bunch of them designed, I wondered what to name them. Luckily, being a native speaker of a difficult-to-learn and small(ish, I know there are many, many languages a lot smaller, but it's still only 5 million speakers, just compare it to the population of NYC which is about - and I still can't believe how you can fit that amount of people in such a small area - eight and a half million.) language, I turned to the basic vocabulary of Finnish. I had to pick the words that were original and not loaned(hard), and the words that didn't have umlauts in them(harder), because you know, English and it's butchering of every non-Latin letter ever.
(See every time someone pronounces the "Ö" in Schrödinger as an "oh" sound I want to punch myself in the face. They sound absolutely nothing alike. It's not like the pronunciation is hard, the same sound is in like a gazillion words in the English language, a part of which one uses every single day. Even this writing program thing offered it spelled with an "o". I know it's because Scandinavian keyboards are normally not used in English speaking countries, but every time I need to write German I have to get the umlaut myself, and it's really not that hard. But don't even get me started on the es-tset.)
The first one became Valkea(=white), the second is now Vaa'as(=a really old word used pretty much solely in Finnish mythology; means pain, fire or wave. Gotta love those obscure meanings. Also it's probably the only Finnish word with an apostrophe in it when in its nominative case.), and the third one is Havu(
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