Pteraverse: Jormungandr Picture

Name: Jormungandr
Height: N/A
Lengh: 140 meters
Weight: 284 Metric tons
Species: Unknown
Origin: A powerful sea serpent from Norse mythology
Origination point: Norway
Power Level (1-10): 9 (By sheer physical strengh alone)
Threat to Humans: Medium-High
Durability: City level (regeneration makes it very hard to kill)
Fighting style: Excells at underwater combat. Usually stuns enemies with the strobe pulse then attempts to constrict foes.
Powers and abilities:

- Electro-slime. Jormungandr is coated with a naturally produced slime which allows him to easly escape foes as well as deliver a very painful shock which can paralyze most enemies. This slime is secreted by the large pores running lengthwise of his body.

- Electrical field. Jormungandr is able to produce a deadly electric field around its body. He does this by secreting a conductive slime over his body then emmiting a powerful electric shock which would be contained within the slime so it does not disperse into the water, effectivly making an organic "force field" of electricty around him. Jormungandr is also able to combust this slime coat, creating a massive electrical pulse.

- Strobe pulse. Jormungandr is able to channel electrical energy into his eyes to produce a blinding light to stun enemies, or find his way through murky waters. Jormungandr's vision is not hindered when this move is in use.

- Coils. If need be, Jormungandr is able to coil around his enemies like a python and squeeze the life out of them. Jormungandr is strong enough to crush the bones of a monster larger than he with a simple squeeze.

- Venom bite. Each tooth in Jormungandr's mouth can secrete a powerful nerotoxin which attacks the nervous system and eventually the brain, killing the victim in a matter of hours. Fortunatly, Jormungandr rarely utilizes this attack and prefers to electrocute or constrict his enemies instead.

- Advanced healing factor granted by the Electro-Slime. This ooze seeps into the wounds and heals them in a matter of seconds. Because this substance is secreted constantly, the healing factor functions indefinetly. This also grants Jormungandr a form of immportality, which is how it survived into the modern age.

- Amphibious. Despite having the characteristics of an Electric Eel, Jormungandr is able to traverse short distances on land, slithering like a snake and able to rear his neck like a Cobra.

Interesting facts: The apperance of Jormungandr appears to have adverse effects on the weather. If he where to emerge from the ocean during a sunny day, the skies would turn dark and seemingly endless torrents of rain and thunder would follow until the mighty serpent leaves. Jormungandr also shares charactaristics found in both Electric Eels and certain Snakes. There are no signs that indicate that Jormungandr is a mutation meaning that he is infact, a completely natural organism.

In ancient times, the people of Norway told tales of a creature, a mighty serpent named Jormungandr who was so big that he could wrap around the earth itself. The only one who could beat the beast was Thor, the god of lightning. A great battle between these mythical beings ensued, which had Thor as the winner and Jormungandr banished to the depths of the sea.

In 1956, talk of Jormungandr resurged as reports claiming of a massive sea serpent living in the waters surrounding Norway. The UN's newly formed "Global Monster Countermeasure Division" sent a team to investigate these claims of the legendary Jormungandr. Their inital investigation found nothing, as they wher equipped with sonars that would surely find a creature of that size under the sea. That night the team was exposed to a wonderful show of lights from underwater as something huge began to surface, white light glowing all around it. A head and long neck rose from the depths, eyes glowing a ghostly white. The team was awestruck that such a creature actucally existed.

Feeling that these mere mortals where not worth his time, Jormungandr submerged into the depths almost as fast as he came. The team then reported its finds back to the UN who deemed the creature as a threat to humanity. Seeing no point in arguing the pros to keeping Jormungandr alive, the Team somberly accepted this decision and prepared to watch a goldmine of scientific knowlege be destroyed. Norwegian millitary forces in joint efforts with assets from the GMCD, prepared to vanquish Jormungandr. Assets where en-route by plane from the United States to Norway. However the radio signals attracted the attention of Pteradactylus, whom began to follow the planes to Norway.

On the day that the plan would be put into effect, the superweapons where ready: The fearsome "Daddy-O" megatank, packed to the brim with firepower, the famous Tesla Cannon, and underwater thermal mines where all ready to be used against the mighty Midgar Serpent. Jormungandr rose from the depths only to be greeted by the sting of explosions and bullets. These mortal weapons did little to hault Jormungandr as it swam towards shore.
The weapons of man would not let up however as they continued their relentless assault. Jormungandr finally reached shore and his eyes would become as bright as the sun, blinding the men within the vehicles as a massive field of electrical energy fired forth from his body and utterly destroyed the vehicles that lay before him.

Just as it seemed the Midfar serpent had claimed a victory today, Pteradactylus decended from the darkened skies to do battle with this new creature. Accepting the mortal creature's challenge, Jormungandr would lunge as Pteradactylus and Pteradactylus would lunge at Jormungandr. For hours these two beasts clashed, neither able to gain an upper hand over the other.

But then, the tables turned against Pteradactylus as Jormungandr managed to stun the winged reptile and begin constricting him, dragging Pteradactylus into the water at the same time. With each breath Pteradactylus took, Jormungandr queezed harder. With his life slowly fading, Pteradactylus had to act fast. And so, he unleashed his eye beams at Jormungandr's body, burning through the slime coat and clean through his body. Jormungandr shrieked in pain and let of Pteradactylus as Jormngandr healed its grievous wound almost instantly.

It now became clear that neither could kill the other. The two beasts glared at each other in anger. At the climax of this silent standoff, Jormungandr returned to the sea, and Pteradactylus to the skies, heading back to America. The legend of Jormungandr lived on.
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