Contest Entry: Priestess's Path Picture


Greek myth and fortune: Helios had once had a priest. But with the twist of things, the entry was to draw his priestess. Instead of going all out, I decided to take some of the facts of the great long gone god and titan, and build it into the picture. Helios was indeed a sun god before Apollo. He was known to be of the knowing of all. With a beautiful priestess to his side to his bidding, she did many of his jobs on the earth and did much of his running around. Wile Helios became lazier, more work was given upon her as a priestess and she had much work put on her. Being in a golden temple built for the worshippers and many of the summonings, animals were sacrificed for him by her to keep the god content. As a sacrifice, she holds a candle for the bids of fiery and fire, she would call upon Helio's sacred animal, which was the rooster, for well being and fortelling the many people's bids of great crops, and great weather to come.

Fire used was a fire I had burning in my backyard then shaped to fit my drawn Rooster
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