My Coat of Arms -Finished- Picture

Okay here's the finished version for my Coat of Arms, I think it's nice =3

Now there is some deep pieces about what's on this, and now I shall explain them =3 and if you do not know what is what...... use the process of eilimination =3 or the almighty Google x3

Shield===> Has 3 main parts to it:
The Waxing Gibbous shows that there is soon to be a full moon and that it means end to the month is near (or something like that xD) the waves and the sun are to show that I live on the water, and finally the Pearl is the birthstone of June.

Crown===> Tops the piece off and symbolizes that I love the night and I hate the cold.

Helm===> Has what seems to be either a bush or the top of a tree, because I love plants.

Manting===> Is the backdrop for the Helm and it ties together the shield and helm. It's a long strip of bamboo cause I need alot of luck.

Supporters===> The supporters hold up the shield. The Gray Wolf symbolizes that they will stay in a Family (pack) and help one another out. The Red Fox symbolizes the trickester that is within someone and thus 'Sly as a Fox' is used. and in Japanese mythology The Red Fox is to have some sort of mystical powers. The Gray Wolf is holding a Paint Brush and the Red Fox is holding a Pencil while looking after it's young.

Compartment===> Is a blue ribbion that has vines tangled across it with Lilies on it, the Lily is the birthflower of June.

Motto===> "The True Art Becomes Nature"

Fear the Coat of Arms!!! why? cause I say so and it took me a long time to colour and make sure I was using the right layer>.< this has got to be the longest I've writen here O.O damn you explainations!!!! >.<

Time taken===> About 4hrs 9pm->1am-ish
Items Used===> Photoshop Elements 7, Wacom Bamboo Pen.

Art(c) Coat of Arms(c)
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