Sea of Green Picture

Before going to see the movie, all I knew about Green Lantern is that he was Marvel superhero who fought evil with a magic ring that could create anything he imagined. Watching the film (and reading through its Wikipedia entry like I do after every movie I watch) vastly increased my knowledge of Green Lantern mythology, but the premise is still too pie-in-the-sky for me to really accept.

I mean, he's got the power to create anything he can imagine out of thin air. Every battle he fights should be over before it begins. Why, for example, didn't he just imagine an enormous vacuum cleaner to suck up that Paralax monster and then throw it into the sun? Or why not imagine a tiny (green) black hole in the middle of it's head, just big enough to suck up the monster without destroying any of the city? And what about the classic, "Could Green Lantern create a rock so heavy even Green Lantern couldn't lift it?"

Anyway, I was thinking about that, and this gag came to me, and I sketched it, and then I started coloring it, and I got really into it, and I watched Yellow Submarine which I'd never seen before for inspiration, and then a month after I actually saw the movie I came out with this. It's very silly and probably doesn't make much sense but it was great fun to draw.
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