My OCs Picture

Holy crap its been a while ._.

So anyway, i apologize for not putting anything up for a while now, things have been quite busy nowadays and some days i just dont feel like drawing anything big, but i hope some of you understand...

And STRONG STRONG apologies for not making any fakemon or for making any long-due requests, for the same reasons basically but ill try and get something up

To be honest with all of you all; pokemon and fakemon have been just sitting at the very back of my head nowadays and i havnt been feeling like drawing them now. Ill definetely get any over-due requests up eventually so PLEASE be patient (im so sorry)

Soooo with this picture....

FINALLY ive put up some characters of mines, ive actually been making quite a few lately (which come from many inspirations), so ill probably start uploading these more often (if any cares that is -or/and- if i have the time to)

These two are basically deities (yes GODS), i havnt quite worked on them enough for an extensive description but ill share with you with what i have

In some of my stories (again...not fully worked out) there is a small race of deity-like lifeforms called "Entelechia". (inspired by Tales of Vesperia, latin for entelechy, its such an awesome word i had to use it!) They're basically like gods; they rule over certain aspects of the world, theyre immortal, etc. Only difference is they live in where humans and mortals live, but they keep their identity as Entelechia hidden (therefore very little people are aware of their existences). They come in many different sizes and shapes, some huge, scary, butt-ugly, divine, and humanoid (like these two). Of course they all have different personalities as well

The one on the left is Luzion (pro: LOO-shon), he's basically a lion-man hybrid thingy. He controls light and every aspect of light. He's been around for quite a long time now. He's a very fun type of person, always bright and cheery, almost like he's drunk or something XD
Luzion's the kind that goes up to his buddies and givem a big hug from the behind with a big smile. He's also a skilled fighter, mainly with his own two hands and feet, but he could manifest a large blade of light (inspired by Umineko 8D I'm horrible~) on either arm if he ever has to or feels like it.
He likes the sun, the heat, walks, and fun, crazy people. He hates having to write things, and the dark (he's almost SCARED of the dark/mild nyctophobia)

The next one is Anubis, completely ripped out of egyptian mythology. Anubis' been one of my oldest characters now, he and i go way back to when i was in eigth-grade. He's been through alot.
Anubis is the more quiet and serious kind, but he still likes to do fun crazy things once in a while. He's somewhat smarter and more sensible than Luzion. Anubis is very kind and modest, even though he's got quite a few skills and talents, he's always praising others for what they have.
Anubis is ONE of the few rulers of the dead, and controls darkness, the abyss and of course; death. He can call upon his "Hound Legion" from the abyss if he ever needs assistance. Like Luzion, Anubis is also a skilled fighter, though he prefers to use his ax and scythe as weapons.
Luzion as a small crush on Anubis 8D (despite his nyctophobia) though Anubis is totally unaware, and probably will always be.
Anubis likes the finer things in life, ice-cream, cooking, and taking care of the ones he love. He hates having to argue, and shoe laces.

Luzion and Anubis are sorta opposites, they both lived for a long long time, theyre friends but they've only known each other for a while (no more than 100 years).

Also, i wasnt quite sure with what i was doing when i was making the backround, i was going for something "in between" but i like how the whole drawing turned out 'u'
Maybe they're in Purgatory or something lol

Well that was pretty long, so i thought i might upload something to ease some of your boredom (and mines). Hopefully i managed to ease at the very least just one person's ._.

so have fun yalls~ and please comment!
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