Light Djinni Picture

1 of 9. This little guy's name is Sol. The spikes on his head and the two on his back form the shape of the Sun. I will draw the other eight Light Djinn. Should I just put all nine together, or draw them individually? What do you guy's think?

As for the names of the other eight, their names are: Glint, Photon, Aura, Luster, Glimmer, Prism, Bright, and Light

Sol's Attack: Strikes a single enemy with a beam of solar energy

Level 1 Light Summon: Light - Summon a large ball of light to launch at enemies
Level 2: Holy - Summon an angel who fires beams of holy light
Level 3: Valkyrie - Summon an angel who skewers enemies with her mighty spear
Level 4: Apollo - Summon the god of the Sun, who runs over enemies with his horses and chariot

Nine Light Djinn and nine Dark Djinn combination summon: Eris - The goddess of chaos. Fires an enormous beam of destructive energy at all enemies. Summon tablet is guarded by Dullahan, along with Iris's summon tablet.

Eris and Apollo belong to Greek mythology
Djinn, Dullahan, Iris, and the Golden Sun series belong to Nintendo and Camelot
Sol and the other Light Djinn, Sol's attack, the level summons, and the combination summon belong to me

drawn with a Paper Mate Clear Point 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil
traced with a Pilot® P-700 Gel Ink Rollerball Pen, 0.7 mm, Fine Point, Black Ink
colors used: golden yellow, black, white, yellow-orange, red

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