Skoll and Hati Picture

Sköll and Hati are two legendary wolves prophecized to devour the sun and moon respectively upon Ragnarök, aka the Norse apocalypse.

They may or may not be related to Fenrir, no one is actually clear on that.

Sköll, the darker furred wolf, chases the sun. I've always associated darker tints with the day time, and that far up north they're going to need all the heat they can get to stay warm. Darker colours absorb sunlight, and, well, if they're never supposed to stop chasing then where do they get their energy? Wings are for when they finally get close enough to actually attempt to eat them. How can you get that high without flying?

Hati chases the moon, and is lighter furred because they aren't going to be identical twins anyway. White tends to glow under moonlight, and since Hati's chasing the moon, the moon needs to be able to see it's still being chased so it doesn't stop going.

Markings hold no meaning beyond making it so I don't just draw a black and a white wolf.
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