Lisa Black Picture

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Assassin's Blood Character


Name: Lisa Black

Age: 16-19 at the end of the story.

Gender: Female

Birthday: May 19th, 1996

Occupation: Seeker Ally


Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Skin Tone: Pale

Lisa is a pretty girl. She lived most of her life in the country before her parents moved into town, but the girl misses the thin layer of dirt that always covered her fair skin while she worked outside. She has dirty blonde hair that curls past her shoulders in waves. She doesn't give her hair much attention, and it will do whatever it wants. It has never reacted well to curlers and straighteners. Her eyes are a crystal blue, lightening in the sun. She stands at 5'6 and weighs 117 pounds. She is athletic, she trains as the seekers do and has muscles, but not enough to be noticeable. Just enough to stay fit.

On the Inside

Likes: Music, greek mythology, dungeons and dragons, geeky things, writing, poety, singing, the countryside, stars, video games, animals.

Dislikes: Darkness, anger, her friends being angry with her, star trek.

Strengths: Undying loyalty.

Weaknesses: People pleaser, asthmatic.

Personality: Lisa is a people pleaser. She lives to make her friends happy and would do virtually anything for them. Thus, it is very easy for her to be manipulated. She's naive, she wouldn't even realize it until they told her and at that point, she would be very broken hearted. She enjoys being the center of attention, and wants to be everyone's best friend. Unfortunately, that tends to drive people away. She used to believe that by copying others, their texting style, clothing, that it would help her make friends. Recent discoveries however had led her to know that it's individuality, being set apart from others that will give her the friends she desperately seeks. Despite these flaws, Lisa is very loyal. She would die for her friends, would be there with them through anything, thick and thin. She's very excitable. She's energetic and enjoys the smallest thing. It's hard to embarrass her, if something happens she'll just laugh, dust herself up and get right back up. But she doesn't view the world as a joke. She knows when to be serious, and when to try to make light of the situation. When she feels alone, or sad, then she retreats to her stories and music. She's gifted with music, knowing how to play the flute, violin, guitar and piano, all taught by ear except for the flute. Her stories are inspired by Greek Mythology, which she delves into day and night. She loves the stories.
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