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From Greece-Fires Mythologies
"Even the jungle fire consumed their parents," wrote Ovid in his "Metamorphoses" on Greek mythology. Lash was a place of honor not to, since mythology was based on the Greek routine that included quite a few fires and natural disasters.
To date, the Greeks are forced to deal with the elements Hottest so they built, over the years, one of the most significant aerial firefighting network Mediterranean basin, an array of three squadrons of Air Force shutdown is subjected to large and slices throughout the country.
The first and oldest of which is the 359 Squadron, which has been active for four decades and currently operates aircraft "Funds" (PZL - M18) received the names hump (cockpit) and manufactured since the late seventies by the Polish aerospace industry.
Another 355 Squadron, which operates more than 20 aircraft "Kndaiir" (CL - 215) and the third squadron 383 squadron was established a few years ago and has managed to accumulate thousands of hours of flight.
The squadron is named "Frotaos", to the sea and the grandson of Poseidon in Greek mythology and operates aircraft "Bombardier" (CL - 415), older siblings aircraft "Kndaiir", we know the planes yellows sent to Greece for assistance during the Carmel fire in December 2010.
Since 2000, the Greek fire squadrons competed with tens of thousands of fires that have consumed hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest areas is very similar to the Israeli woodland areas.
From America-All great land of opportunity: the buildings where the biggest, biggest wild territories and fires are the biggest.
Almost every summer to huge flames consume thousands of acres of open space in the Los Angeles dry and threatening the frightened residents living nearby. To this end, the state of California needs a squadron off-as is the case in America, this squadron enormous.
Over the years, the massive squadron used in dozens of types of aircraft, from small extinguishing planes and helicopters through to huge jets. Aerial firefighting unit of the State of California is large enough to send planes fires throughout the United States and the world only recently sent a huge jet of extinguishing a huge fire in Arizona.Routine aerial firefighting unit uses huge jets sample S2 - T originally intended submarine and now sprinkle chemicals combustion suppressants, the plane "Rockwell" strike aircraft used in Vietnam and converted into control planes and helicopters "Huey". Overall only uses 50 aircraft and aircraft annexes ranks the various branches of the military if necessary.
California reached the plane "Sofr-tankr" huge help extinguish the Carmel fire. Huge instrument is stored at an airport in California and is ready to deploy to any corner of the world within a few hours of reading.
From Southern France -is one of the most expensive holiday destinations and most popular of many Europeans. Hundreds of thousands of residents in the cold North of the continent seek to slosh every year in the waters of the Mediterranean and sunbathe in the hot sun.
It is also one of the forested areas and flammable in France and Western Europe and not for nothing shutdown unit is located in the French aerospace and spread across three different corners of the southern shores of the Mediterranean.
The only stand at the disposal of more than 20 aircraft and more than 100 pilots and air crew undergoing special training schools of rescue and firefighting services.
Unlike most other units, the French shutdown unit is subject to Ministry of Public Security and the French Air Force, but like many countries around the world, the French aircraft using "Bombardier" (CL - 415) and S2 aircraft - F In addition, the unit uses aircraft King-Air 200 aircraft identical "scouts" to detect fires and aircraft Dash - 8 used in a number of airlines around the world actually flying passengers.
Besides firefighting squadron also be prevented and scattering inhibitors forest fires in many areas of the south of France and as a result of these actions, succeeded in reducing the volume of activity in thousands of hours over the last decade.
Ministry of Public Security rents are often the firefighting planes to private companies seeking to tackle fires themselves or charging for their services. When the Carmel fire sent France to Israel three huge jets and dozens of tons of materials from the best combustion suppressants that exist.
From Russia Federation- A day passed Carmel fire flare up Russian delegation arrived in Israel. Senior Gen. blue uniform and spotless, accompanied by a large entourage entered the command tent and promised to restore order "will take over the fire and also work 24 hours straight if need be," he said, and order the giant aircraft. General is Pavel Plat, the deputy minister for emergency situations, confidence in the operation of fire units, search and rescue in Russia during the crisis.
Great offices are subject to 200,000 firefighters, thousands of fire trucks and rescue and firefighting planes some huge, some of which we saw in Israel during the fire. Carmel skies hovering aircraft "and Rbiib" (BE - 200) capable of pumping tons of seawater. Since 2004, these aircraft fought fires in Italy, Spain, Indonesia and of course throughout Russia.
In the summer of 2010, the aircraft faced with a huge fire that destroyed almost an entire village. At the event office also sent a sample transport helicopters Mi - 8, used by the Russian army. In addition, the firm also operates jet aircraft extinguishing sample "Ilyushin" (IL - 76) were produced in Russia and transport planes.

Israeli embassies
around the world continue to act reasonably different countries to hasten international aid to deal with the raging fire in the Carmel. Foreign Ministry situation room operator which sit representatives of the Air Force, the Fire Service and others.
Cyprus - send a Airplane and helicopter
UK - send a Two helicopters
Turkey - send a Two planes
Italy - send a Aircraft Equipment
Bulgaria - send a About 100 firefighters
Jordan -send a 3 Ways fire extinguishing and fire retardants materials
Spain-send a four planes and other fire fighting equipment and cargo aircraft
Azerbaijan -send a two helicopters
Switzerland - send a Helicopter
We are very grateful to all who took part in extinguishing the fire a terrible.

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