Yrrama Color Variants Picture

Yrrama across the Mahg region will vary greatly in color depending on the location they’re found in, and on which types of trees they inhabit. Depicted above are four variants commonly found in the badlands and bogs, while the two beneath them are varieties typically found in subterranean environments.
(Additional troglobitic variety)

"Guide to Maskotian Fauna - The Yrrama (Pt1)
These slow-moving arboreal creatures spend most of their time lazily feeding on tree sap, but will also gorge on the blood of other creatures when given the chance. They typically emerge to do this around dawn and dusk while the majority of Mahg’s large, cold-blooded fauna is at its most sluggish.

Despite the fearsome reputation this behavior brings, the Yrrama is very cautious in the way it goes about it - the process of climbing down and approaching its resting prey can take hours! As it does this, it will intentionally create small noises and disturbances every ten minutes or so to regularly gauge its prey’s alertness. If it shows few signs of stirring, the Yrrama will carefully amble up to it and administer a paralyzing venom from the spurs on its arms before quickly backing away. Once the victim has succumbed, the Yrrama can finally begin drawing blood.

While it is unheard of for a Yrrama to bleed its victim dry, the process is still a painful ordeal and can result in infection and the transmission of a variety of diseases - some of which can have horrifying consequences. Because of this, most of Mahg’s population knows well not to rest beneath a tree for too long.

Almost as infamous as its blood-drinking behavior is the Yrrama’s habit of peeing on those who seek shelter from the sun beneath trees, as their diet results in a lot of excess liquid waste. This in turn results in a widely accepted tradition of killing Yrrama on sight. Were its camouflage not so effective, the Yrrama would be put at great risk by this."
(Part 2 can be found here)

Can guess you guess which mythological creature the Yrrama is based off of in the most embarrassingly unsubtle way? (If not, here it is.)

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