The Pride of Daedalus Picture

The Pride of Daedalus

I'm quite happy with this one. Not completely however. I accidentally saved the file as PNG instead of PSD and wasn't quite finished working on it but I think it fits with the story I was going for so... I won't grumble too much.

I thought of naming it the Flight of Icarus but I think that's been done to death. So I thought long and hard and came up with "The Pride of Daedalus". I guess it has a double meaning. It could mean Icarus or it could mean his pride and vanity which meant he thought he could make his son fly on "wings of wax and vanity"

For anyone confused, Deadalus is the big planet watching it's moon, Icarus (the small planet) near the sun, which is shrouded in a nebuala.

I can't really pin down how long this took. I'd say months because I've been practiceing and failing quite alot before this and then it seemed to click into place effortlessly.

Hope you like it.
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